DAILY GIVE-AWAY: WIN a WaveWall Anti-Radiation Phone Case Family Bundle


WaveWall anti-radiation phone cases not only protect your phone but also protect your body by blocking the harmful radiation all mobile phones produce. If you haven’t yet thought about the threat mobile phone radiation poses to your reproductive health, the statistics may surprise you. Infertility already affects 1 in 25 men, and one in five healthy young men between the ages of 18 and 25 is at risk because they have abnormal sperm counts.

WaveWall-Flip-2_grandeScientific studies also show that mobile phone radiation may significantly affect sperm function, a prime cause of male infertility. Independent testing has demonstrated that WaveWall reduces mobile phone radiation by more than 85%.

Just by putting a WaveWall in your pocket, you can shield your body from your phone’s radiation. Our handcrafted black leather case is given a striking, sophisticated look with a choice of contrasting stitching and soft lining.

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