Win a £50 Gift Card by Completing a Survey on ‘What do you Want from Your Boss in 2020’



It’s not only a sparkly new year but it’s also a new decade and if you hadn’t noticed, we are busier than ever before. There seems to be no end to the demands on our time and I know for one, that I find the juggle can be immense sometimes even though I am fortunate enough to do a job that I love.

Happy team in the workplaceAccording to a survey of 2,000 Britons run by employee experience platform Perkbox, almost 45% of British employees work outside of their contracted hours for over an hour every day including weekends as they have to do much to do. 25% of those polled said they felt pressured by their boss to work for longer, and 18 per cent feared they might lose their job otherwise.

As a working mum, being happy or unhappy at work has a huge impact on the way we parent so MyFamilyClub has got together with cutting edge, start-up, WorkInConfidence to give you a chance to voice exactly ‘what you want from your boss in 2020’.

With these results, we will run a national campaign aimed at organisations on how they can better support their staff and close the gap between their company values and their employees values. With the intention of raising awareness around how they can create a more harmonious workplace, where integrity and their employees well-being share a spot front of mind, alongside their commercial objectives.

We have a £50 gift card up for grabs in our prize draw, from a retailer of your choice to say thank you for your time.


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