Win a Baby Annabell,Lalaloopsy & Moxie Girlz toy bundle!

Win a girls bundle

The countdown is on… and it is the second day of the advent calendar! We’re giving you the chance to win three amazing dolls! One lucky winner will receive a fantastic girl’s toy bundle that includes three amazing dollies: Baby Annabell, Lalaloopsy and Moxie Girlz Rockin Band, courtesy of Zapf Creation and MGA Entertainment.

Baby Annabell promotes caring and nurturing characteristics among little people and she is the perfect doll to gift this Christmas. She is fantastically life-like, and when little ones look after her she is will respond by making realistic facial expressions and sounds. If Baby Annabell gets upset she can be comforted by singing a lullaby and when she is soothed she will respond with a contented sigh or giggle. To find out more visit

Lalaloopsy dolls were once just ordinary rag dolls that magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn, taking on the personality of the fabrics used to make them. They live in a fantastical world full of silly surprises and each has her own unique style and character.

Whimsical new characters available this season include:

–       Haley Galaxy™ was made from an unidentified shiny object. She likes making wishes on falling stars and collecting moon rocks. She’s got a bounce in her step and stars in her eyes. She has a pet alien.

–       Confetti Carnivale™ was made from a masked ball gown. She loves to throw fancy parties and almost always stays up past her bedtime. And even though she sometimes disguises her identity, her friends always know who she really is. She has a pet cat.

–       Mint E. Stripes™ was made from a candy wrapper. She’s a cool blast of fresh air who loves to spin in circles really, really fast until she falls down laughing. You always know she’s on her way because of the crinkle in her step.  She has a pet dog.

–       Teddy Honey Pots™ was made from a teddy bear. She’s very warm and fuzzy. Her favourite things are giving big hugs and climbing trees. She loves taking long naps in winter and sometimes eats honey ’til her tummy aches. She has a pet bee.

You can take a look at them in here.

Moxie Girlz really love music and this season they have started their own band in the fabulous new range: Moxie Girlz™ Rockin Band. Each doll comes with its very own instrument, which girls can actually play themselves. Avery comes with a guitar, Sophina has a drum set and Lexa comes with a keyboard. Each instrument also plays the Moxie Girlz™ theme music instrumental. Check them out.

Would your little one love to play with these? Just answer the question below for your chance to win the three of them!


This competition is now closed  and we’re in the process of picking a winner. Thanks for entering and good luck!

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