Win Haandle’s Family Friendly Wi-Fi Solution In Support Of National Unplugging Day



We’re giving away haandle’s family friendly Wi-Fi solution to one lucky winner. The newly launched product, retailing at £79.99, has been developed to reconnect families by helping parents to allow their families to enjoy the internet without the fear of obsessive behaviour and unhealthy screen time.

The small factor form product no bigger than a traditional Rubik’s cube, connects to your existing broadband router and provides the following features:

  • Usage timers for parents to manage when they feel it’s suitable for the internet to be available to their children. Helping with obsessive use and associated sleep deprivation
  • Internet access can be controlled whether the device is operating on a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi – particularly important when attempting to manage smartphone usage

Controls will be effective both inside and outside the home.

National Unplugging Day

All you have to do is fill out the form below and submit your child’s piece of art, photograph, poem or short story and you could WIN this fabulous prize!