How To Get Your 5-A-Day on Just £1


Do you find yourself believing that buying enough fruit and vegetables to meet your 5 a day is just too expensive?

We can easily look at the price of fruit and vegetables and be surprised, but whilst we are wandering the isles aimlessly, being bombarded with offers on convenient frozen goods and confectionery, we fail to think logically. I say this because we can easily forget the number of meals a £2.00 deal can provide us, and that pizza will grab us as the easy option but indeed will only last for one night.

Putting the pizza offers aside, a simple look at the frozen vegetables and fruit isle will give you the same offers for three times the size. When it comes to making a meal with enough fruit and vegetables included it can be difficult with busy lifestyles, therefore the key is to plan ahead by purchasing in the form of fresh, frozen, canned and dried. Smart shopping such as buying canned vegetables from the supermarkets costing just 25p, means that there is a staple stock of your five a day in the cupboard.

By opting for frozen items such as blueberries which can be added to yogurts or breakfast cereals, a considerable saving can be made by having items that go a lot further. What can make fresh produce appear expensive is whether it is the time of year that these fruit and vegetables are in season.

However, if you do find an offer on expensive fresh produce then buying more is not always a bad thing. Better yet. Don’t forget fresh produce can also be put in the freezer to increase its longevity if you don’t think it will keep by the time you hope to use it. A clever trick is to also check the reduced section of the fruit and vegetable isle in the supermarkets, often abundant with vegetable mixes or ripe fruit marked down due to its predicted use by date. These items are in perfectly good condition, full of the nutrients we need, and can be whipped up into energy boosting smoothies for the week.

Now if you are interested in giving yourself a daily nutrient boost each day in the form of smoothies, there are now frozen mixes titled just for this, but they are not as cost effective – but yes convenient. If instead you purchased all the different ingredients frozen separately it would give you so much more for your money. SO look past this! By even thinking ahead, why not make a large batch of a vegetable rich casserole that can be used all through the week for lunches or dinner.

If we think about all this on the bigger spectrum, by purchasing economical forms of gaining our 5 a day, we are investing in our overall happiness. With making fruit and vegetables the centre of our food shop, we make these items the central part of our meal; gaining all the right benefits to increase wellbeing and mental health. Now question whether the frozen pizza we think is a bargain can tick all of the above!

This is the true cost of eating fruit and vegetables if you shopped at Asda…

  • Frozen Blueberries – £2 for 350g = 45p per 80g portion
  • Apples – 68p for 6 = 11p a portion
  • Bananas – £1.50 for 10 = 15p a portion
  • Carrots – 45p for 1kg = 3p per 80g portion
  • Frozen Spinach – £1.50 for 1.3kg = 9p per 80g portion
  • Frozen Mixed Peppers – £1 for 600g = 13p per 80g portion

Total – 5 a day for less than 1 pound!

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