Mum always knows best – and the UK’s mothers are behind one of 2017’s hottest health trends, ‘flexitarianism’.

‘Flexitarianism’ is the act of reducing meat consumption without committing to going fully vegetarian – and almost half of mums (48 per cent) plan to reduce the amount of meat in their family’s diets this year, or have already done so.

Following the trend set by stars such as Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, Minnie Driver and Dita Von Teese, the nation’s mums are ditching meat a few times a week to improve health, be more environmentally aware and save money.

In a survey of 1,000 mums by Goodlife Foods, the one in two who say they are cutting down are doing so for a variety of reasons:

  • Health (53 per cent)
  • Saving money (47 per cent)
  • Animal welfare concerns (28 per cent)
  • Environmental concerns (23 per cent)

The South West region are the most committed to the flexitarian lifestyle, with 55 per cent of mums surveyed pledging to cut back on meat in 2017. In contrast, just 37 per cent of those surveyed from Yorkshire made the same promise, making it the region with the most meat eaters.

However, even health-conscious mums who aren’t already considering a reduction in meat consumption this year admit they could be persuaded to join the ‘flexitarian’ movement.

Those surveyed for Goodlife Foods said they would consider eating less meat if alternatives contained as much protein (12 per cent), if it was possible to continue eating the same meals, only meat free (17 per cent) and if it meant an increase in the amount of veg that the family ate (15 per cent).

One in five respondents (19 per cent) also revealed that they would opt for meat reduction if their children were happy to do so.

The influence of the youngest members of the household was clear, with 83 per cent of mums saying that their children influenced the meals that they bought and cooked for the family.

The benefits of less meat in our diets is becoming a hot topic worldwide, with the issue identified as a key trend for 2017 by statistics and receiving celebrity backing from figures such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Samuel L Jackson, Christian Bale and Jamie Oliver.

Gary Johnson, marketing director of Goodlife Foods, says: “We know that it’s mum who makes the smart choices for the family, when it comes to health.

“What our research has shown is that it’s mothers who are choosing to turn more and more families ‘flexitarian’.

“Choosing to reduce the amount of meat you eat in 2017 doesn’t mean a boring diet of salad and pretend meat. The choices have never been more appealing, with meat-free food options that are amazingly tasty and high in protein.  In fact our French Bean, Spinach and Wensleydale Sausages are high in protein containing 4.8g per sausage.

“Our products will help you to become Flexitarian and to live the life you deserve – the Goodlife!”


Yorkshire (37% flexitarian)

South East (39% flexitarian)

W Midlands (39% flexitarian)

North East (48% flexitarian)

Wales (50% flexitarian)



South West (55%)

London (53%)

East Anglia (53%)

North West (51%)

Scotland (51%

Statistics are based on research (by OnePoll) of 1,000  parents of 0-16 year olds where child/children live with them at least 50% of the time and are main/joint decision maker over food.

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