10 kitchen storage tips for speedy access

hanging mugs

hanging mugsWe all waste time groping around the back of cupboards and rummaging for missing lids. However, some cunning storage items for your cooking gear will use the kitchen to the max and make everything accessible.

1. Ironing uglies

The ironing board can take up an annoying amount of space and be a bit of an eye sore. Hang it on the inside of a cupboard, or behind the kitchen door. A board hanger with a small shelf for the iron itself as well is ideal.

2. Snazzy spice storage

To save worktop space, get a spice rack that hangs off the side of a cupboard or an upright fridge-freezer. They usually have space for loads more than just your herbs and spices, making everything handy to access when you’re mid-recipe.

3. Utilising utensils

Instead of rummaging through a drawer of ladles and spatulas, fit a hanging rack to your ceiling. Hook anything onto this that you use regularly and need to grab while you’re cooking. They can go straight back on here to dry after you’ve washed them up, too – saving wasted time putting the dry stuff away.

4. Washing up clutter

Get something that looks attractive to hold the washing up liquid, rubber gloves and sponges. It’s less cluttered, kinder on the eye, and much easier to access in a hurry.

5. Seating solutions

Chairs and kitchen stools can take up quite a bit of space in the kitchen. So swap for foldable ones to either hang behind a door or slot beside a cupboard when not in use. You’ll free up space so you can get on with the meal preparation more quickly. Plus it’ll be so much easier when it comes to mopping the floor or sweeping up crumbs.

6. Dish draining

There’s never enough space to dry a family-load of dishes on the drainer. Save wasting time drying dishes with a wall-mounted dish drainer. Spacing it out will make it dry quicker. You’ll be able to just reuse things directly from it, without having to waste time putting them away.

7. Manageable mugs

Free up cupboard space by hanging the mugs you use regularly. You might prefer a traditional mug tree, or just go for hooks under the cupboards. Either way, it’ll make them much more accessible, and once drained they can dry there too.

8. Cover up

Cover up cake mixers and blenders instead of storing them away. The cover will make it unnoticeable in the corner of the kitchen, while keeping off dust and grime when not in use.  Not only that, but it’ll save the hassle of having to keep digging it out of the back of the cupboard every time you need it.

9. Wall-mountable items

Mount the microwave, radio and TV on brackets on the wall. It’ll keep your worktop free for food prep, and mean you can swing them out of the way when you’re not using them. Any smaller items like the baby’s food blender can also be wall-mounted for speedy access.

10. Cupboard tops

Few of us have time to regularly clean the tops of our kitchen cupboards. So store up here bottles of wine and beers you like to keep in. A cheap wine rack can sit on top of the cupboard to save anything rolling, and any dust will make it look vintage!