Healthy eating on a budget: Real Family Food Challenge – Step 1

Healthy eating on-a budget

Welcome to the Real Family Food Challenge! Over the next four weeks, cooking guru Sian from Sian’s Plan is going to show you how to regain complete control of your kitchen, swap processed foods for real foods, eat healthily, and have fun with your family – all while saving you money.

Swap processed foods for real foods, eat healthily and save money with this 4 step plan!

What you eat affects you and your family’s health.

We all know that wholesome home cooked food is the key to keeping our families healthy. We also know that it is easier said than done. However, the good news is that it is possible, it can be fun, and it can be cost effective. All it takes is 4 easy steps over 4 weeks.

Take this time to take control of your family’s food plan, save money and make the swap from processed foods to real, wholesome healthy foods.

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Step 1: SWAP processed food for real food

Top tips to start your healthy eating swap:

  • Healthy eating starts with real food in your home. You can start this by getting your food store cupboard right. Take this as an opportunity to clean it, and throw out foods where the ‘Use By’ date has passed.
  • Only stock up on essential ingredients that you know you’ll use.
  • Swap ‘bad’ foods for ‘good’ ones: Wholegrain bread, pasta and rice is better than their white equivalents (and will fill you up for longer). Trust us – if you buy healthy and filling wholegrain foods, you’ll end up spending far less on expensive snacks on the go.
  • Keep a tin of tomatoes and an onion in your cupboard rather than processed pasta sauces – not only are they healthier and contain far less sugar, but it works out far cheaper too.
  • Use a carton of yoghurt and an egg instead of white lasagne sauce.
  • Be cautious when buying tinned fruits –  making sure you use the ‘own juice’ variety.
  • Read up on ‘Best Before’ and ‘Use By’ dates.
  • Make your freezer work for you. A well organised freezer can help save lots of money. Clear out your freezer and make sure you label everything going in: date, type of food, portion size.
  • Why not look at keeping some of the items in your freezer for reserve days? A bag of frozen peas, bananas, leftovers, a bag of bones for stock, and an ice cube tray full of useful natural flavourings are all good staples to keep in your freezer.
  • Buy some spices in bulk and make your own spice mix e.g. Fajita spice mix 1 tbsp dried oregano, 1 tsp dried chilli flakes, garlic powder, smoked paprika and 2 tsp ground cumin. No more forking out for processed, expensive versions.
  • Have a look at Sian’s video on how to swap ‘bad’ foods…


[tubepress video=VC-VyhqRTUw]


3 ‘To Do’s’ this week

1. Clear out your store cupboard and stock it with these key ingredients.

2. Say no to readymade meals, takeaways, commercially made sandwiches, fruit juices and carbonated drinks (at home or in the workplace) for one week.

3. Cook one dish straight from store cupboard items. Did you know that with a well-stocked store cupboard, you can make lots of quick and healthy dishes such as Mexican Chilli Bean Soup, Salmon Fish Cakes, Spicy Veggie Burgers or even the Aloo Matar (Vegetable Curry). Yum!

Next week, we’ll have Step 2 of the Real Family Food Challenge over on MyFamilyClub’s Kitchen section – see you then!

Let us know how you get on by leaving a comment below…