How to reorganise your kitchen to save time

tidy kitchen

tidy kitchenLet’s face it: meal preparing is often pretty rushed. If we’re not cooking or packing lunchboxes, we’re washing up! So here are some ideas to reorganise where you keep things to save time using them.


1. Tidy tupperware

Containers can clutter up cupboards and we’ve all wasted time looking for lost lids. Clear a drawer for all your containers, keeping lids together for ease. Discard misshapen lids or old containers you don’t use.

2. Lovely laundry

Allocate a cupboard for all washing machine-related stuff. Put sachets in a container or on a shelf so they don’t get lost. It’ll be so much easier to use when you’re popping on a wash before dashing off to collect the kids.

3. Hob heaven

If it’s time to replace the cooker, invest in a flat-topped hob that wipes clean. It won’t just be a complete cleaning godsend. Use it as additional worktop space when it’s cold, to put the chopping board or ingredients on. Just make everyone aware of the red light that indicates when it’s hot.

4. Sink space

There are loads of clever contraptions to help you use the sink space, so get a couple and store them next to the draining board for easy access. A sink-covering chopping board is a great one. It’s ideal if you’re washing and chopping veg, and juices from chopped meat or fish can be poured easily down the sink.

Another is a sink drainer, to rinse and drain fruit and veg, pasta or rice without having to stand there while it drips. For more time-saving tips in the kitchen, check out our article on cleaning and washing up cheats.

5. De-clutter the cupboards

We all store items we think we might need one day. Have a big clear out of pans, dishes and utensils you never use. It’ll make it so much quicker to find the things in a hurry that you do use.

6. Hidden tins

Baking tins take up tonnes of cupboard space and often dirty the shelf. Stack them at the bottom of the oven instead. A large tray will also prevent drips burning onto the oven floor when you’re cooking.

7. Foiled by the foil!

Food storage rolls can become torn and unravelled, causing chaos when you’re packing lunches in the nick of time! Clingfilm, foil, baking paper, sandwich and freezer bags can all be stored in one drawer together. You’ll be able to see what you’re running low on too, well before you run out.

8. Limited worktops

If you’re pushed for worktop space, get a foldaway alternative. A wall-mounted table can be great when you’re cooking. Cover it with tiles to double up as a chopping board and heat-resistant surface for saucepans. Alternatively, get a multi-leaved table that folds away to the size of a shelf. You can use it when cooking without it taking up permanent kitchen space.

9. Cupboard order

Empty all your cupboards, and reorder them according to what you use often. Put seasonal things like picnic items and cake decorations on top shelves. Relegate rarely-used casserole dishes and cake tins to the back of cupboards. What you use often should then be easy to reach.

10. Greasy pans

Frying pans are often a little oily even after washing, and some are wipe-clean only. Save space in the cupboard by storing on top of each other with a sheet of kitchen roll underneath each one. It’ll keep the cupboard grease-free, too.