Kitchen Makeover! Finding healthy but filling family recipes

feet on scales

feet on scalesAfter the excesses of Christmas, January is the traditional time we kick-start a diet or a healthy eating regime. That’s easy if you’re in an adult-only household but, as MyFamilyClub reader Louise points out, it’s hard if you’re also trying to cater for a family.

“My husband and I want to lose a few pounds and eat more healthily this month,” writes Louise, “but I don’t want to end up cooking separately for us and the kids every day.”

Louise asked us to come up with ideas for recipes that are family-friendly but also healthy.

The two recipes we’ve suggested, an Asian chicken broth and a root vegetable curry are so tasty that no one will notice they happen to be balanced, nutritious and low in fat. This is important because when it comes to encouraging children (or suspicious adults) to eat healthy food, marketing is everything – don’t focus on the food being healthy or low fat, focus on it being delicious!

Use generous quantities of herbs or lemon juice or spices to boost flavours and you’ll have no complaints.

We regularly cook these two recipes, not because they’re healthy, but because they are simple, inexpensive and, most importantly, we like them. The fact that they’re good for us is just an added lucky bonus!

Mitsu Daki – or Japanese chicken with rice and relish

Chickpea and root vegetable curry with raita

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