Low cost packed lunch ideas for kids- put your leftovers to use!

packed lunch ideas for kids

packed lunch ideas for kidsEvery year we throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink. That equates to £680 of our family budget that we could be saving!

Ever thrown away food because it’s passed its best-before date or because you’ve overestimated your clan’s appetites and prepared too much? It’s something we all do, every week of the year. But with the right knowhow you can turn that food waste around, save more, spend less and eat better.

MyFamilyClub’s Gemma has paved the way! Over the years, she’s tried and tested easy family recipes and found ones that both hubby and kids love… then transformed the leftovers into scrummy packed lunch ideas for the kids the next day.

She shares those recipes (and their transformer packed lunches!) in her eBook 20 great lunchbox ideas from leftovers, which also includes some great hints on how to make your leftovers last longer.

Here’s a taster of how you can revamp your family meals and jazz up your kids’ lunchboxes with these yummy, easy and inspiring money-saving packed lunch ideas for kids.

1. Homemade dip

Make a really simple, tasty and healthy dip for your kid’s lunchbox. Use leftover roasted red pepper and feta. Kids will love dipping in pita triangles, breadsticks or even raw veg.

2. Potato salad

Whizz up this lunchbox idea with very few ingredients. Use leftover boiled potatoes and add cubed ham and Dijon mustard for a flavoursome treat for your little ones.

3. Sliced ham and cheese toasted fingers

If you have leftover roast ham combine with a few slices of cheese and toasted bread. Cut up into fingers or fun shapes for your kids’ to enjoy. Simple!

4. Mini chilli

Use leftovers to create a mini chilli with crunchy tortilla chips and dip that your kids will adore. Delicious! Simply heat up in the morning and place in a thermos for your cherubs to take to school.

Plan ahead

Meal planning can save you £££s as you won’t be wasting money on uneaten grub but instead stretching your meals by using any leftovers to create new and exciting packed lunch ideas for kids…

To find out the secret to budget-friendly lunches take a look at our eBook 20 great lunchbox ideas from leftovers. You’ll find a full set of recipes and lunchbox ideas plus plenty of tips for reducing food waste and saving money in the process.