Real Family Food Challenge – Step 2

real family food-challenge step 2

How did your Week One of the Real Family Food Challenge go? Is your store cupboard in tip top shape? If not, no worries. You can always do it this week. One step closer to healthy family eating!

Step 2 : Put SUPPORTS in place

This week is all about putting the supports in place to continue on your quest for Real Family Food! Support is totally varied – it can include upskilling on your healthy cooking methods, getting support from friends, family and partners or even setting up your kitchen in an efficient way. With these supports in place, you’ll find yourself saving money and eating healthily without any hassle.

Check out some of my tips on putting supports in place….

Top tips to start your healthy eating supports

  • Get your kids to help making dinner but make sure you assign them are age appropriate tasks. Here’s a great resource on how to get them to help.
  • Firstly, remember that mid-week cooking doesn’t have to be very difficult. Make sure you have a variety of portable grilling options and the basic healthy cooking methods down and you’ll be able whip up healthy meals in minutes. We’re talking steaming, stir-frying and grilling. Check out these tips for using the various healthy cooking methods. Why not check YouTube for free cooking lessons! Get your friends over and do a cheap upskilling session.
  • balanced-plateThen take a look at your kitchen. If you haven’t used a utensil in 6 months, store it in a separate cupboard. Here’s a list of essential utensils. Why not sell any items you haven’t used in a while. Food processors, juicers, deep fat fryers etc. take up space and there’s always someone setting up a new home in your area. Put a notice up in your local supermarket.
  • Remember always to keep an eye on your food portions. By serving your family the right size portions, you will ensure that you’re meeting their nutritional needs. Also – you won’t waste money by overfeeding them!
  • Make sure you read up on what makes a balanced plate. The picture to the left shows a balanced plate. Fruit and vegetables should form half of your main meal!  Take a look at the video below that shows what a balanced plate should look like.



[tubepress video=1wn35ENZwxs]


  • Keep an eye on how much you spend on food this week and how much you throw away. Keep your receipts. You’ll could be amazed what you spend and what you could save. Get everyone involved by adding up the cost of uneaten food on a plate, fresh foods that have gone bad or food you have thrown away because the dates have expired. Work out how much you could have saved.
  • Get support from people around you: whether it is the children laying the table, your partner doing the chopping or sharing cooking duties with your flatmates. It is always easier to stay on the straight and narrow when you have support!
  • Part of support is learning where you can cut corners to make Real Family Food a reality in your busy home. I’ve put together a really list of 10 ways you can save time in the kitchen. Now go off and have fun with your family.


5 ‘To Do’s’ this week

1. Cook a dish using different cooking methods, making sure you get a fully balanced plate. A good dish to try is salmon fish cakes with carrot and cabbage – healthy, provides a balanced plate and will get you trying different techniques.

2. Make sure every main meal this week includes 50% vegetables and fruit.

3. Get a member of your household to help you cook dinner at least one evening this week.

4. Appoint a member of the family to keep receipts for grocery shopping this week and appoint another to monitor and cost all the food wasted this week.

5. To save even more money this week, add a tin of legumes like kidney beans or chickpeas to any red meat or poultry dish you plan. This way you will have enough leftovers for a quick wholesome lunch for one or two portions.