Real Family Food Challenge – Step 4

step 4 real family food

We’ve made it to the last week of the Real Family Food Challenge in association with Sian’s Plan. How did you get on? Has your store cupboard made cooking easy? How much money did you save in the shops? Have you cut down your red meat intake? And what about eating more fruit and vegetables?

If you need a refresher, check out steps one, two and three. Let us know how you got on in the comments below.

Step four: Sustain your healthy eating by having fun

Top tips to take control of your kitchen:

  • As with all challenges, it’s important to reward yourself at the end. In order to sustain the skills learned during the Real Family Food Challenge it’s important to have fun. Cook something special on a Friday night so you can see that cooking can be fun and tasty.
  • One great part of cooking and baking is sharing your skills with your family. It’s never too early to get the children cooking. Make fun dishes that involve cutting, chopping and munching raw or meals all children love like pizza or salad. There are many great kid friendly kitchen utensils available now. Maybe a birthday present?
  • Check out your nearest cookery school. Some of these are subsidised by grants and donations and therefore offer free or cheaper classes for children and adults.
  • Why not cook something with your partner. Open a bottle of wine and make a dinner together.
  • Always try and keep upskilling. There are loads of great cooking lessons to be had on the internet.
  • Keep a record of the recipes you and your family like and continually add more as you increase your repertoire. And just incase you didn’t know Sian’s Plan will do this automatically for you.
  • Learn to love everyday cooking using wholesome ingredients by being organised and involving the children. That way not only are you keeping your family healthy but they in turn will have the skills to keep their family healthy.
  • Avoid the cost of restaurants and takeaways by arranging ‘Dine In’ nights with your close friends and family. Each couple making a different course brings a whole different meaning to the ‘Dine In’ concept.
  • And don’t forget – don’t waste leftover fresh herbs, chillies and ginger after entertaining. Simply prepare them as you would normally do. Wash, peel and dice then place in the individual pockets of an ice cube tray. Freeze and pop into recipes like soup, curries, sauces or even a morning vegetable juice.

Most of all, keep enjoying it!


5 ‘To Dos’ this week:

1. Maintain your meal planning and grocery shopping skills from weeks one – three.

2. Forget about takeaways this week by making delicious healthier homemade pizzas. Get the family involved in chopping, rolling and topping their own individual pizzas. It can become a Friday night activity and treat that everyone enjoys.

3. Watch two new videos on improving your cooking skills.

4. Instead of buying or making unhealthy cupcakes and oat bars, make our Healthier Power Treats.

5. Are you ready to share your new Real Family Food success? Drop us a comment below and send Sian’s Plan a photo or two at [email protected] and they’ll send a certificate of completion. (Just a bit of fun, we all need a pat on the back now and then). Oh and don’t forget to share your new Real Family Food Skills with friends and family.