Save time in the kitchen: cleaning tips

Kitchen cleaning tips

Kitchen cleaning tipsCleaning and washing up in the kitchen can take up so much precious time. Not only that but most of us don’t find it much fun! So here are some sneaky tips to speed up the job.

Washing up cheats

  • Keep used cutlery in a mug of soapy water until you wash up, so it soaks off food before it dries on hard.
  • Pour boiling water into casserole and baking dishes that are heavily soiled. Once the water is around a child’s bath temperature, add biological washing powder that you’d use for hand-washing clothes. Leave overnight and the food will often slide off.
  • Wipe down worktops and cupboards as part of your washing up routine, to save making this a separate job when the dirt has built up.
  • Get a multi-compartment cutlery drainer, so once everything’s dry there’s no time-consuming sorting out of spoon types etc. when you’re putting cutlery away.
  • For burnt saucepans, put some chopped onions at the bottom and pour over boiling water. Leave this to soak for 5 minutes and cleaning will be much easier.
  • Invest in a wall-mounted dish draining rack (places like Argos sell them) so you can spread out your draining dishes. They’ll dry quicker this way, plus you won’t have to towel-dry items to make space for the next batch when there’s lots of washing up.


  • Buy oven liners for the bottom of your oven and grill. They’re so easy to remove and clean in the washing up. Not only will it give your cooker a much longer life, it’ll save you a horrible cleaning job too!
  • Put the microwave plate and cover in the washing up every day you use it. Wipe inside the microwave when you wash up, so it never builds up cooked-on food and stale smells.
  • Empty the crumbs out of the toaster daily, to prevent build up.
  • Take the drawer out of your washing machine and give it a thorough clean in the sink on a weekly basis, or even after every use. Then use a washing up brush to rub over the grooves on the front of the machine before giving it a wipe over. This will prevent dirt and hardened washing powder from building up.
  • Slide the mesh filter out of the mouth of your kettle once a month, and soak overnight in neat vinegar. Rinse and reinsert. You’ll find it never clogs up with limescale. The same can be done with the inside of the kettle if it gets a build-up.
  • Take veg drawers or door shelves out of the fridge when they’re quite bare, and clean them in the washing up water. This saves cleaning the fridge becoming a massive chore when it all needs doing and is full of food.
  • Mix sodium bicarbonate with a little water to make a paste, and rub this over the walls and floor of your oven. Heat the oven on low for about thirty minutes, and afterwards you’ll find any burnt on food comes off easily.