The kitchen gadget to help you shed lbs and save £££s!

Happy mother with children squeezed orange juice

Happy mother with children squeezed orange juiceIf you have never tried a juicer, now is the time.  They can be quite expensive pieces of kitchen kit but now there is a whole fruit juicer on the market that costs just over a tenner.

Which juicer?

Do an internet search on juice extractors and you will see that prices can vary wildly – from the budget juicer at £10.99 to the mid-range at about £40, the celebrity chef endorsed juicers at around £80 and the extremely high tech models at £100+.

All of them do essentially the same job, but the spec is very important as some juicers require more looking after than others.

It is important to check the features of your juicer because getting the right one to suit your lifestyle will be a key factor in whether you continue with this healthy hobby.  Some models will juice a whole piece of fruit or vegetable with the skin on, which eliminates the need for chopping beforehand, and some juicers can only take pre-chopped food, meaning more washing up for you afterwards!

There are juicers that can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher for convenience, then some that require hand washing. So it’s useful to have given some thought to how much cleaning and maintenance you are prepared to do to make sure your juicer is used and not simply gathering dust on your worktop!

Benefits of juicers

The great benefit of juicing is that by taking fresh fruit and vegetables in liquid form, you are putting essential raw nutrients into your body which are easily digested.

Drinking juice gives your digestive system a rest from processing food, so the vitamins and minerals in fresh fruit and vegetables will nourish your cells faster by getting to work quicker.  This also has an impact on your energy levels, giving you more energy and lessening your dependency on addictive pick-me-ups like caffeine to get your body moving.

Fresh juices help you feel fuller for longer, reducing your need to snack, and are a healthy way to have a meal in a glass – which is great for a busy lifestyle.

Drinking juices can help shift stubborn weight and buying fresh fruit to juice yourself costs less in the long term than buying pre-prepared juice in cartons. Plus, you are avoiding the added sugars and sweeteners that these have too.

Still not convinced? One of the most well-known juice advocates is Jason Vale, author of several books on juicing for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.  His website,, contains several recipes for tasty juices and smoothies whether you prefer fruit juices, vegetable varieties or a mixture of both.

If you have a blender in your kitchen, you can make even more exotic concoctions mixing berries with natural yogurt and a freshly juiced apple or pineapple for a taste of your summer holidays.

Once you have tried juicing for yourself and felt the benefits of glowing skin, a clearer mind and more energy, you’ll be a fan for life!