Top Ways To Use Christmas Leftovers


Christmas always comes with leftovers. But this year you can get more inventive about how you use them up. Make the most of your festive menu with these easy recipes for Christmas leftovers.

1. Curried turkey

turkey-curryInject some culinary cunning so the end result makes those dull turkey leftovers unrecognisable. This South East Asian inspired dish tastes great with plenty of spices.  Just add onions, celeriac, chilli, ginger and garlic, tinned tomatoes, peanut butter, turkey stock, white wine vinegar and spices and then add your turkey. Delish!

2. Ham or turkey macaroni soup

turkey-and-macaroni-soupThis is an easy way to transform Christmas leftovers including vegetables, ham or turkey into a tasty winter warmer. Perfect served with generously buttered bread.  You can make it using turkey stock, vegetables and leftover meats. A quick and tasty alternative!

3. Sprout and cheese frittata

frittataGot a cheese board and plenty of spare sprouts? Make a frittata by adding eggs, cream and herbs together and cooking slowly in a pan then baking in the oven.

Or for the rest of those cheeses that didn’t get eaten over Christmas, such as stilton and cheddar, whack them in the freezer. Even the smallest portions can be frozen – they’re perfect for dropping straight into soups and sauces for extra flavour. Or you can sprinkle on pizzas and use for lunchtime sandwiches (if made in the morning the cheese will have defrosted by the time you’re ready to eat!).

4. Stir fry

leftover stir fryLeftover meat is usually the main culprit of food waste. A simple stir fry could use up your leftovers and deliver a completely new and great tasting meal from your Christmas leftovers. Reheat thoroughly, add veg, use a sauce of your choice, and pop alongside rice or noodles.

5. Christmas pudding and ice cream

christmas-puddingUse up the last of the Christmas pudding by mixing with vanilla ice cream for a delicious dessert second time around.

Or you can simply freeze it in slices with greaseproof paper between pieces. This lets you remove a few slices at a time, keeping the rest for later.

6. Turkey mango and lime salad

turkey-mango-and-lime-saladA delicious alternative to the standard cold turkey. All you need are those Christmas leftovers including turkey and ham, plus a large ripe mango, spring onion, half a cucumber, the grated rind of one lemon or lime and seasoning. You can make a zesty dressing that will turn your turkey into a new tasty – and healthy treat.

7. Smoked salmon

smoked salmonUse up the smoked salmon from Christmas Day in a hearty Boxing Day breakfast – mix with scrambled eggs and pile on top of toast or a bagel!


8. Turkey spring rolls

spring rollsThis Chinese inspired recipe gives your leftover meat and veg a new twist and is great for any festive get-togethers after the big day.

Fry off veg such as cabbage and carrots along with turkey with some seasoning and soy sauce. Once soft and heated through, spoon the filling onto spring roll paper, bake until brown and dip in cranberry sauce.

9. Christmas cake pops

cake popsA fantastic way to create a tasty and well-presented pudding from some unattractive looking leftover Crimbo cake.

Place marzipan and Christmas cake in a bowl, mush up into crumbs, and add jam until easy to mould. Shape into eight even sized balls, and freeze for 45 minutes. Melt chocolates (maybe some leftover Quality Street?), place a wooden skewer/lollipop stick into each ball and dip in the melted choc, decorate and leave to harden.

10. Christmas pizza

christmas pizzaReady in 20 minutes, this festive feast is one way to take away your Christmas leftovers. Using a ready-made pizza base (or homemade if you like), spread thick gravy across the base, add turkey breast, sausage and small roast potato cubes.

Cook up some Brussels sprouts with pancetta, chop up and add to the pizza, finish with a scattering of stuffing and some slices of brie. Cook for 10 minutes and you’re left with a gorgeously different yuletide pizza that uses up just about all of your leftover Christmas staples.

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