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creamy garlic chicken

One week in, many more to go! Routines are falling into place and hopefully things will become a little calmer in the coming weeks. Thinking up ideas for dinner every night can be a nightmare and one of the stresses we can do without at the minute. Here are a few ideas for dinner for you to try, I hope you enjoy them and I’d love to hear how you got on.

This week’s family meal planner includes creamy garlic and chilli chicken rice, beef and cracked pepper kebabs with spicy wedges, vegetable pasta bake, devilled sausages with hot mash and blackened cajun salmon and buttered noodles. The approximate cost is just £25.30 for a family of four! (price correct at time of publication – supermarket prices and offers may vary – exclusive of store cupboard staples). Links in our recipes will show you where to get the best deal.

  • creamy garlic chicken meal plan
  • Creamy garlic and chilli chicken rice: Cooked a roast chicken this weekend? Why not use them up with this recipe. It’s got a bit of a Thai curry feel without the spiciness. Approx price: £6.94 or £1.74 per portion.

  • beef-kebabs meal plan
  • Beef and cracked pepper kebabs with spicy potato wedges: Mmmmm! A tasty family favourite. For a bit of a twist try toasting a few pittas and fill with the kebabs, salad and natural yoghurt. Approx price for main dish: £4.98 in total or £1.25 per portion.

  • vegetable pasta bake meal plan
  • Vegetable pasta bake: Middle of the week and everyone’s counting the days until the weekend. This is great for using up leftovers so add in extra veg, meat or fish you might have in the fridge. Approx price: £2.06 in total or 52p per portion.

  • devilled-sausages meal plan
  • Devilled sausages with hot mash: Yummy comfort food just what’s needed on a weekday evening. Adding mustard to the mash is an easy way to give the normal mashed potatoes a little something extra. Approx price: £4.74 or £1.18 per portion.

  • cajun salmon
  • Blackened cajun salmon and buttered noddles: This dish can be served with egg noddles or Udon noodles that are a bit thicker but just as tasty. Approx price: £6.58 or £1.65 per portion.

  • meal planner stress   free
  • Download this week’s shopping list here for free.

    Sian is a home economist with over 25 years’ experience as a secondary school teacher and now running her own private cookery school with a focus on meal planning. After years of seeing people struggling to provide healthy meals everyday for their families, she created her own meal planning system at

All the meals included in our weekly family meal planners are child friendly and provide nutrients from each of the food groups (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals).

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Every week, Sian from puts together five quick and easy recipes for our week’s family meal planner. You can choose to make them on whichever day of the week suits you best. She also puts together a shopping list that you can download for free and print out to take with you to the supermarket.


There is plenty of variety throughout the week, and each recipe is specially designed with a family and busy lifestyle in mind. None of the meals with take you long to prepare, and they will be ready for hungry tums to enjoy in no-time. Quite simply a yummy family meal planner that includes quick and easy recipes so you can plan ahead, use leftovers, get the nutrients you need and save money in the process.