Meal plan – wholesome budget meals


We have included three wholesome budget meals in this weekly dinner menu. If you have any leftover vegetables at the end of the week, pop them into a saucepan with chicken stock cubes and make soups for lunches.

This week’s family meal planner includes bistro stew & herby dumplings with cabbage and grated carrot and twice baked cheese and onion baked potato, lentil, potato and chickpea curry, spaghetti carbonara, chicken, broccoli and sweet chilli stir fry, salmon fish cakes with spicy potato wedges and chicken fajita wraps. The approximate cost is just £28.64 for a family of four! (price correct at time of publication – supermarket prices and offers may vary – exclusive of store cupboard staples). Links in our recipes will show you where to get the best deal.

  • Bistro stew and herby dumplings
  • Bistro stew & herby dumplings with cabbage and grated carrot and twice baked cheese and onion baked potato: Cook the stew in the oven, since the baked potatoes will be in there anyway. Depending on the size of the potatoes and appetites, you may have some baked potatoes left over, these will come in handy for lunch next day. Approx price: £5.80 or £1.45 per portion

  • lentil chickpea curry
  • Lentil, potato and chickpea curry: Another heart warming, wholesome and good value meal. Make it as ‘hot’ as you want by adding more curry powder or paste or using a hotter curry such as madras. Approx price: £3.36 or 84p per portion

  • carbonara

  • Carbonara:  This is great midweek burst of flavour and energy. Approx price: £2.78 or 69p per portion.

  • chicken broccoli stir fry
  • Chicken, broccoli and sweet chilli stir fry: Stir fries have a lot of vegetable prepping, try learning how to prepare vegetables quickly! It’s worth spending time learning these skills as you get a chance to practice them most days. Approx price: £5 or £1.25 per portion.

  • salmon fish cakes meal plan
  • Salmon fish cakes with spicy potato wedges:  Serve with sweet chilli sauce or the more traditional white sauce, or with potato wedges for hungrier members of the family. However there are sufficient mashed potatoes in the fish cakes. Serve with extra vegetables.  Approx price: £5.95or £1.49 per portion.

  • chicken-fajitas meal plan
  • Chicken fajita wraps: Fun food for Saturday. Dish out everything separately and let everyone delve in and make their own wraps. Approx price: £5.75 or £1.44 per portion

  • meal planner stress   free
  • Download this week’s shopping list here for free.

    Sian is a home economist with over 25 years’ experience as a secondary school teacher and now running her own private cookery school with a focus on meal planning. After years of seeing people struggling to provide healthy meals everyday for their families, she created her own meal planning system at

All the meals included in our weekly family meal planners are child friendly and provide nutrients from each of the food groups (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals).

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Every week, Sian from puts together five quick and easy recipes for our week’s family meal planner. You can choose to make them on whichever day of the week suits you best. She also puts together a shopping list that you can download for free and print out to take with you to the supermarket.


There is plenty of variety throughout the week, and each recipe is specially designed with a family and busy lifestyle in mind. None of the meals with take you long to prepare, and they will be ready for hungry tums to enjoy in no-time. Quite simply a yummy family meal planner that includes quick and easy recipes so you can plan ahead, use leftovers, get the nutrients you need and save money in the process.