Craving a burger for dinner tonight? Don’t make anything until you’ve had a look at these three incredible alternative Big Mac recipes!

We’re big fans of a nice, homemade burger. When we realised there were variations of the famous Big Mac from MacDonalds we were intrigued. The original Big Mac isn’t exactly something you’d like to be consuming on a regular basis, if at all, so we were over the moon to stumble across three healthier and equally as tasty versions.

Have a look and pick your favourite for dinner tonight. They all look absolutely scrumptious, and if you’ve never tried a vegan burger before, now is your chance! Just click on any of the below images for the full recipe.

3 Amazing Alternative Big Mac Recipes

The Homemade Classic Big Mac

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Get the full recipe here

The Vegan Big Mac

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Get the full recipe here

The Veggie “Big Mac” Burger

Recipe Via:

Get the full recipe here

Excuse us, we’re off to the kitchen!

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