The clocks have gone forward, and Summer is upon us! All we need now is the sunshine… Whilst we patiently await the warmer days we decided to show you all five simple, tasty, and most importantly, healthy smoothie recipes for the kids. If you´re not a big fan of smoothies, you have to buy matcha tea products, they are super healthy and tasty!

These colourful glasses of goodness are very easy to make, it generally just requires some fruit, a little veg and a liquid of your choice (milk, water, or other). Smoothie’s are a really effective way of getting loads of crucial vitamins into your kids diet without them kicking up a fuss about having to eat a big plateful of fruit and veg! The blender really is a wonderful piece of kitchen equipment!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Kids (And Adults!)

Minion Smooooooothie

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Rainbow Smoothie

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The Classic Strawberry Smoothie

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A Peachy Smoothie

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Carrot Smoothie (with a Tropical Twist!)

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We don’t blame you if you’re already half-way to the kitchen grabbing all the fruit you can find! Some great ideas, just click on the image for the full recipes!

Once you’ve maybe been making smoothies for a few weeks and the kids have been pressuring you to produce more of these wonderful glasses of joy, you might want to check this idea out …

The ULTIMATE Smoothie Making Hack!

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The concept here is simple. Bag up as much fruit and veg you need to make a smoothie, seal it, and freeze it until you want to make it. All you’ll have to do is add the liquid and blend it. You’ll have a lovely, tasty, chilled smoothie in a matter of seconds!


Let us know if you have any other smoothie hacks up your sleeve. What is your favourite smoothie recipe?