Creamy chicken and mushroom crepe

creamy mushroom and chicken crepe

Delicious light pancakes with creamy chicken and mushroom filling. Try this quick easy and filling meal for your family.

Approx price: £5.46 or £1.37 per portion

Serves: 4

Total time: 35 mins


  • 3 chicken fillets
  • 4 slices ham
  • 10 mushrooms
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 50g cream cheese
  • 100mls sparkling water (approx)
  • 100g self raising flour


  • Trim and dice the chicken. Dice the ham.
  • Slice mushrooms.
  • Pre-heat pan with oil.
  • Add chicken, cook for 10 minutes, stirring regularly. Add mushrooms and ham, season and continue to cook for a further 5 minutes.
  • Add cream cheese and enough water to make a creamy sauce.
  • When mixture starts to bubble, reduce heat.
  • Crepe:- Add sparkling water to self raising flour to make a batter the same consistency of pouring cream. Mix and add seasoning.
  • Add a ladle full of the batter mixture to a hot greased frying or pancake pan. Swirl to cover the pan.
  • Cook evenly for approx. 1 minute until golden brown underneath and bubbling. Turn over and brown the other side.
  • Lay out on parchment paper on a plate and cover with foil. Keep warm in a hot oven. Repeat 3 more times.
  • Lay each crepe on a warm plate. Fold crepes in quarters.
  • Spoon the mushroom and chicken mix into the folded crepes.
  • Serve hot with a green salad