5 Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums PLUS Make Your Own Bronzer


And so it begins, rushing around getting the kids ready for school, getting ready for the day with your baby or perhaps you are rushing around trying to get everything organised for your family before you got to work. Whatever it is, there is always a never ending list of things to do. A study back in 2013 said that on average mums have 26 tasks to do in the morning and spend almost 7 hours per day taking care of the family’s needs. An easy way to get the look you want is by visiting Esthetique Terrebonne to see what services they can do for you.

We all want to look our best and feel our best so we’ve rounded up 5 easy make-up and beauty hacks for you to do in less than 5 minutes, some of them you can even do the night before.

Use A Spoon To Avoid Mascara Marks On Your Upper Eyelid


Via: www.topinspired.com

Place the spoon so it hugs your eyelid and apply your mascara. The mascara residue should coat the boat of the spoon rather than transfer onto your skin.

Greasy Bed Head Begone!

Dry ShampooVia: www.designerswap.ca

Perfect for going to bed with, give it a good spritz and then as you move around as you sleep the shampoo with get to work. You’ll wake up with a nice full-volume hair do. As hair releases oils as you sleep, the dry shampoo with absorb the oil leaving you with a fresh head of hair.

DIY Lip Plumper

Lip Gloss

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Mix a drop of peppermint oil into your lip gloss and feel those lips tingle and plump.

Baby Wipes For A Fresh Face

If you are scrabbling for time and your self-care is falling by the wayside due to time pressures, then a baby wipe can work wonders for making your face feel beautifully clean in seconds. Great to use at night time (keep some by the bed) and in the morning for a fresh face.

Tame Flyaway Hair With A Toothbrush


Via: thebeautydepartment.com

If you’ve scraped your hair back into a bun or ponytail then stray hairs make it look like a right old mess. They are easy to tame, all you need is a toothbrush (preferably not one you are still using to brush your teeth) to gently come flyaway strands back into place. Add a spritz of hairspray and you’re all set.

Make Your Own Bronzer

DIY Bronzer

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Cheap, cheerful and easy to make. A quick whizz over your face and voila, glowing in seconds!

  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons corn starch
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa powder

If you want a wetter bronzer why not add a couple of drops of essential oils like Lavender or Neroli for added yumminess. Also if hair grow faster is what you want, make sure to use natural products such as the ones from nutrafol.

Mix until an even powder and then use a big brush lightly to dust the areas you want to glow. If you want to make an all over body bronzing moisturiser then just mix it into your favourite lotion. Did we mention it smells great too?