8 Year Old Boy with Incredible Dance Moves Fat Shamed by Trolls


A video posted to Facebook of child dance sensation John Phillip Balang has sparked an online war of words over his weight. With over 500,000 followers on Facebook, it’s easy to see why he’s so loved.

Rather than focussing on his natural talent and confidence, the focus of the discussion was around his weight with one person commenting “I am wondering why nobody comments his weight?! That isn’t cute, that’s sickness. One should inform the parents and him about their failure, otherwise he wont be able to start a dance career bc he will be/stays sick!

She was immediately shut down by other posters who jumped to the boys defence.

“I’m pretty ******* sure his parents know his weight they see him everyday. Maybe he’s just having fun idiot”

“He’s fat, he’s not sick. He can dance and doing enough of that will bring his weight down. Not all parents are at fault, it’s not my mothers fault that I’m fat, it’s mine because I made the shitty decision to not watch what I eat. He’s young and it’s easier to lose weight when you’re young, he’s probably never even lost his baby fat. I hope the best for him”

To which she retorted..

“But to be fat can cause illness and illness can cause fat. We don’t know why he’s fat..but I am pretty sure that he eats whatever his mom (or dad, whatever) cooks and he would never say “no thanks mom, today I don’t wanna eat by Mc Donalds” . You know what I mean?”

The trolls were certainly out to make their point with one particular user writing “Its a wonder how a kid that can move that quick and good is still fat”.

On a positive note, there were plenty of encouraging comments that sought to shine a light on this boys ability and exuberant personality.

Love that he is comfortable in his own skin. Everyone should be like that”

On Balang’s Facebook page the video has been viewed 27million times and shared over 400,000 times. Users on his Facebook page seem to be more complimentary and encouraging of this little boys, natural dance ability and cheeky personality.

We think he’s an amazing little soul and we wish him the very best for the future as he continues to entertain and grow as a performer.