You may have heard the word Hygge (pronounced Hue-gah) bandied around rather a lot of late and glimpsed some beauriful Hygge inspired homewares in shops up and down the country. Even the shop at The Southbank Centre is selling Danish / Scandi inspired soft furnishings and books about the art of simple living, Danish stylie.

I set myself a challenge at the start of this year to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement in the form of health, fitness, mind, body and soul. It’s so easy as parents to get bogged down in the day-to-day living and plod through the day on auto-pilot, placing our children’s needs and very often others’ needs before our own. This year is all about putting my needs also into the equation and experiencing new and exciting things around my family and incorporating them into family life as much as possible.

During January, we looked at the Hygge concept and how this way of living can be adopted through the Winter months and beyond into the family unit. This content series will look at Hygge products for the home to create a healthy and happy space for you and your family to live in, cover tips from Hygge experts and a incorporate 2-day soup detox plan from GLORIOUS! Soups.

GLORIOUS! Soups Come up Trumps with a 2-day Limited Edition Detox & Hygge Pack

GLORIOUS soups Hygge Pack

Not one to shy away from a challenge I jumped at the offer of a 2-day skinny soup detox by the wonderful brand GLORIOUS! Soups and was overjoyed with my box of goodies that arrived designed around the Hygge concept.

My box contained two large pots of GLORIOUS! Greens soup, a pair of extremely snuggly socks, a candle, a happiness journal and a two-day eating plan to kick off the detox.

I couldn’t help but feeling happy upon opening the box, as mums we rarely treat ourselves so it was such a lovely feeling to receive all the goodies and have an easy-to-follow eating plan and ready-made soups to hand.

The colour of the soup is dark green and they are in fact a lot tastier than the colour initially suggests, made from spinach, celery with a dash of mango and coconut. I had anticipated the soups would be fairly thin given the ingredients but they were just the right consistency to feel full and satisfied.

Glorious Greens lifestyle image 2The eating plan, designed by registered dietician Nicola Whitehead and Hygge blogger Kayleigh Tanner to include an easy, healthy and filling diet across the two days to accompany the soup, and I wasn’t hungry once, which really surprised me as I am always zipping about and with also teaching Hula Hoop classes in the evening, my appetite can be quite a monster.

The GLORIOUS! Healthy Hygge Plan

A warming bowl of porridge oats made with oats and milk, topped with sliced banana, a little drizzle of honey, sprinkle of flaked almonds and a dash of ginger and cinnamon.

Hygge Activity: Swimming

GLORIOUS! Greens soup

Hygge Activity: Walking

Salmon fillet topped with Greek yogurt and crushed rye crackers (oven baked), served with tender stem broccoli and oven roasted sweet potato wedges.

Hygge Activity: Film night

Pancakes made with two eggs and 1 mashed banana, topped with raspberries and Greek yogurt.

Hygge Activity: Yoga

GLORIOUS! Greens soup with oat cakes.

Hygge Activity: New hobby

Healthy tortilla pizza made using a wholegrain wrap, passata, roasted vegetables and mozzarella cheese (baked). Served with a green salad dressed with olive oil.

Hygge Activity: Bath time.

You can obviously adapt this plan to suit your dietary requirements so perhaps a skinned chicken breast if you don’t eat fish etc. I swapped my Yoga and Walking with Hula Hooping as I find that it helps me to be mindful (ever tried thinking of anything else when hooping? It’s not possible!) and it’s my go-to activity.

Loved the film night, ended up kick starting the new series of Fortitude which I had been eagerly awaiting and bath night was fabulous with my new candle. The smells are divine! Made by Life of Eli and hints of blackcurrant & white cedar.

I had to wrestle my Bamboo socks from my 7 year old daughter and they felt great after a hot bath, soft and extremely cosy. The perfect Hygge sock!

All in all, a lovely and well thought out pack to help kick start a healthier eating regime and to remind you to slow down, smell that coffee, get cosy and enjoy the moments around you either alone when unwinding or with loved ones.

I regularly see the GLORIOUS! Soup brand in my local supermarket but had always opted for either homemade soup or another brand. Given the quality of the ingredients and taste, I would definitely try out more of their range over the coming months. The range of flavours they have are incredible.

Limited Edition GLORIOUS! Green soup is only available until March 2017.

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