We wanted to hear from the experts on how to create that perfect Hygge home. So we spoke to Victoria Filtness of ThisHyggeLife, Jessica Soper Fell of Vantona Home and Anne Haimes, Interior Designer of Anne Haimes Interiors. Here they share their top tips.

Creating the Perfect Home and Family Atmosphere

By Victoria Filtness, blogger at http://www.ThisHyggeLife.com

The beauty of hygge is that it weaves itself into almost every aspect of life – from socializing with friends and maintaining a work/life balance, to embracing family time and the unique togetherness it creates.

Hygge is about connecting in a way that, in the age of iPads and iPhones, we’ve forgotten how to do – it’s being present and noticing the little things (don’t worry, I agree it sounds fluffy but stay with me!) There’s no better time to put the hygge ethos into practice then when it comes to family time – all you’ve got to do is commit to it.

One of the mainstays of hygge is having habits and routines, things like having pancakes for breakfast every Sunday, a walk together on a Saturday afternoon, playing board games on a Friday evening. In hygge terms, money is worthless; the only investment you’re making is time so don’t worry about having to fork out on expensive family day trips. In years to come you’ll look back on these simple routines fondly, realizing those were the things that created happy memories.

Another mainstay of hygge is being really present in whatever you’re doing – so turn your phone off and try to forget it exists during your hygge time. Let the kids know you’re really, truly with them in the moment and that you’re all sharing the same enjoyable experience.

Finally, hygge is about feeling safe, content, and comfortable – make it clear that there’s to be no bickering, negativity, bragging, or falling out during your hygge time – think of the time as sacred psychological space where everybody basks in positivity!

How to Create the Perfect Hygge Bedroom Atmosphere

Jessica Soper Fell is stylist for textiles and bedding brand, Vantona Home – established in 1929, with all products exclusively designed in the UK. Here Jessica gives her expert advice on how bedlinen and soft furnishings can awake a sense of Hygge in the bedroom.  

Vantona Home Hygge Bedroom

The Masook bedding set is the perfect choice when looking to create a cosy, simple and stunning Hygge bedroom atmosphere. Available from Amazon King Size £35.00 RRP.

To create a feeling of wellbeing and restfulness the first thing you need to do is de-clutter your bedroom. Clean, fresh spaces are relaxing so put away clothes and shoes in your wardrobe or under your bed in baskets or boxes, and tidy your shelves and surfaces. This doesn’t mean that the room is a cold, clinical, architectural space but that everything around you is there for a purpose or a reason.

Have personal items that you enjoy on display, like books or photos and a radio or sound system on which you can listen to your favourite music.

Invest in a down duvet or a good hypoallergenic one with lots of loft so you can envelop yourself in comfort, and pair it with some good quality pillows to create an intimate, cosy place to read and relax. Choose bedding that you find soothing. It doesn’t matter whether it is a cheery floral or a subdued stripe so long as it gives you pleasure.

Then layer your bed with a soft textured throw made from faux fur or soft merino wool and add some accent cushions for lounging on.

Add some scented candles for their comforting aroma and gentle light and you have the perfect hyggelig setting.

How to Make Your Home More Hygge

By Anne Haimes, Interior Designer, Anne Haimes Interiors based in Henley-on-Thames

Here are some of my top tips for creating the Hygge feel in your own home:

Forget Minimalism

Hygge can be most successfully recreated by using natural materials such as wood, leather, furs. It’s about creating cosy little nooks and corners in which to relax and recharge in rooms around your home.

Accessorise with Natural Textures

Add plenty of textured accessories, such as woven rugs, sheepskin throws and earthy ceramics. Bringing together different textures and finishes will help you to build up layers of comfort in the room.

Instead of cluttering your couch with cushions, choose to use three or four. By keeping things simple, you’ll really let the soul of your home shine through.

Check Out the Paper Space Saver by The Camouflage Company

Hygge paper space saverThis Paper Space Saver works with the Hygge philosophy as it camouflages into any room setting combining calming style with a hard working product…   it can be used in every room,  keep logs by the fire side,  lego in the play room,  its an ideal laundry bag in the bathroom, wellies by the front door, use it instead of a weekend away case!

Speaking of the bathroom, you do not have to spend a lot of money or time to perk up a tired looking bathroom. There are a number of refinishing steps that you can take which will make your bathroom look completely new. For more information, you can read Handyman’s Guide to Refinishing your Bathroom.

Instantly tidy a room,  throw all your mess into your Space Saver and create the atmosphere you want – so much easier to live with than rigid plastic products that take up too much space. Costs £27.00.

Keep it Neutral

Chalky colours reflect the origin of the materials they’re used with and homes are often an eclectic mix of new and reclaimed items. Paint walls a soft shade of grey, white or cream and keep colours throughout the house earthy to create a sense of calm. Think of a serene and  lakeside cabin.

Warm up with Wood

Functionality reigns supreme in Scandinavian style. When it comes to choosing furniture, look for pieces that marry simple lines with sensual curves. Use organic natural-stained wood like birch, maple or pine and choose natural fabrics, such as cotton and Linen Shed, to create a cosy, lived-in look.

Stock up on Candles

Start building a collection of scented candles. Lots of them. The Danish are the biggest consumers of candles in Europe and there is nothing more enticing to people than flattering lighting and a lovely smell. When I am hosting I always have a great candle burning. My favourite is the ‘Flamant Ambre’ candle, as it transcends all seasons. However, as winter hits I move onto ‘True Grace Sacristy’, which never fails to receive many compliments.

Let There be Light

The Danish are fanatical about getting the lighting right and you would be too if your country had such short daylight hours. Endlessly flattering, soft light is the epitome of Hygge.

I layer light to enhance key areas, artwork, architectural features and colours to produce a really welcoming environment. Keep overhead lights nice and low and have a few well-placed lamps on. Use low-wattage bulbs for flattering, warm pools of light at low level. You might like to place lamps with soft shades on side tables, hang a sculptural pendant light over your dining table or position a reading light by an armchair to create a cosy corner.

Clusters of fairy lights can also be used to bring a glow to corners and areas you want to highlight.

Celebrate Life

Surround yourself with things that are special to you; photos, souvenirs, ceramics or glassware – anything that makes you feel happy and reflects your personality and passions. Bring more plants into the home too. Clusters of greenery bring the outside in, even on the dullest day and research has shown that the presence of plants in the home leads to reduced stress and anxiety and increases feelings of calm and well-being.