An Inspirational Interview With Stacey Rodgers of the Dominic Rodgers Trust

L-R; Stacey Rodgers, Loise Aspinall. Project SHOUT is a new national campaign, launching early September 2015, to raise awareness of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and how families can protect themselves with CO alarms.
MyFamilyClub is really honoured to bring you our next inspirational piece getting to know Stacey Rodgers of the Dominic Rodgers Trust who campaigns tirelessly to raise awareness of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Let’s meet Stacy…

Stacey Rodgers lost her son Dominic to carbon monoxide poisoning in 2004. On a night like
many others, Stacey kissed her 10 year old son goodnight, told him she loved him and went to bed. The next morning when she went into his bedroom she found him face down and covered in vomit.
She called an ambulance and once the paramedics arrived, they started opening the  windows and doors, telling Stacey to evacuate. Not knowing why, Stacey was convinced he
son had frozen to death. Following an investigation, it was found that carbon monoxide had
seeped through the brickwork from a neighbouring property whilst they slept and Dominic
had been overcome by the poisonous gas.
Until that point, Stacey had never heard of carbon monoxide poisoning, let alone purchased
an alarm. Stacey has since set up the Dominic Rodgers Trust to help raise awareness and has tirelessly campaigned for the last 12 years to make others aware of the dangers of CO.

Describe a typical day for you?

Every morning, as soon as I wake up, I begin thinking about campaign ideas and how I can
help to raise awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning. I am constantly thinking about how I can continue to increase the momentum of The Dominic Rodgers Trust and keep the
message spreading across the country. To generate ideas I do a lot of research looking for
global carbon monoxide incidents and charities that I can work with to help spread our
message. Currently, we are working on a bus ticket scheme with Leeds and Huddersfield
Council which offers users 10% off a carbon monoxide alarm so at the moment my days are busy managing this.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements to date?

Since I started the trust in 2004, I’m completely overwhelmed by just how much the charity has grown. In 2009 we were awarded a Main Charity status, something that will always be a huge achievement to me. It is incredible that we have grown so strong, but also that we have received the support that we have from working with nationwide campaigns such as Project SHOUT and the gas industry. To have raised awareness of CO on television and radio with Project SHOUT has been something that will only spread the message further, and it’s fantastic that so many people have been introduced to the risks. The way we have grown over the past decade is an incredible tribute to Dominic’s memory.

What are your ambitions in life?

To make sure that every house in Britain has a carbon monoxide alarm. For over ten years I have been trying to make this happen and each year we have been pushing forwards
towards this target. I never knew what carbon monoxide was before Dominic’s death, and
many people today still aren’t aware of it so my main aim is to improve the UK’s education
on carbon monoxide poisoning and the importance of an alarm.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years’ time?

Hopefully still where I am today. People will often ask me if I will stop campaigning, but I will never stop raising awareness of the Dominic Rodgers Trust. Hopefully in 5-10 years’ time I will still be with the charity and the figures of people with alarms will have increased.

What’s the most effective strategy for installing confidence in yourself?

I feel confident by keeping myself busy and by reflecting on the success of the Trust’s
previous campaigns. After Dominic’s death I began campaigning when I didn’t even know
how or what to do, and now when I look at all of the support and help that we’ve been
given over the last ten years it really gives me confidence to carry on.

What advice would you give to anyone launching a similar business?

I’d say that if you want to do something, then go for it, there is no such thing as can’t. I’ve
done so much in ten years that I never thought I could. Everyone can achieve what they
want, and the key to successful campaigning is to always have a strong team behind you.
You can always make a difference, no matter what you’re campaigning for.

What’s in your handbag that you can’t survive without?

Without a doubt, my mascara.

Finally, happiness is…

Being around your friends and your family – people that you can laugh with. After a death
you can’t shut yourself away, so being around people has made me a lot happier.
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