Can an octopus open jars?

Lorraine Heller

Lorraine HellerHad you been in the MyFamilyClub office this morning, you would have witnessed one of our regular random morning banters. Today, it was whether squid can open jars.

Now, unlike many of our random rumblings, this conversation did actually have a point in the beginning.  And the point was this: How do you make a little meat go a long way?

Meat doesn’t come cheap, but then there are some people (no names) who don’t feel as though they’ve eaten unless the meal includes meat. So I’ve been doing some research (hence my question to the office this morning) on how to feed hungry mouths on a budget, while keeping those meat cravings under control.

  • Use bony cuts.  These are often ignored, but can be juicy and flavourful. Use to make a meaty stew, or you could even serve with the bones (e.g. if you’re making a pork belly roast).
  • Make a stir-fry. The combination of noodles and finely sliced veg will bulk out the meal so you don’t need huge quantities of meat.
  • Make a tagine, and bulk it out with a tin of chick peas, or any other beans or vegetables you have available.
  • Bolognese it! Kids love pasta with a meaty bolognesy flavour, and the good news is that a bolognese sauce will keep that flavour even when you throw in a heap of finely chopped veg.
  • Spruce up a salad, a soup or roast vegetables with whatever meat you have leftover: A few strips of bacon, some slices of chorizo, some leftover chicken. It’ll add that extra texture and flavour that makes people smile.
  • Be inventive! Make the most of the cheapest good-quality cuts of meat that you’re able to find. This article may give you some inspiration on how to make the most of your meat.

So you may be wondering how we went from making the most of your meat to jar-opening squid. Well, someone announced they were turning vegetarian today, but fish are OK because they don’t have feelings… Or do they? Squid have feelings, in fact an octopus is very clever and incredibly dextrous, a statement we just had to look up