Changing rooms the thrifty way

Jess Neale

Jess NealeI’ve recently been on the flat hunt and will hopefully be making the move to London in the next few months. This got me thinking about personalising my room there and how I could put my stamp on it without spending too much money.

I was intrigued by the Channel 4 programme Super Scrimpers and how one couple were challenged to transform their spare room with just £50.  Proving when you get thrifty you can really make these things happen. I’ve also been guilty of drooling over some of the inspiring pins on Pinterest… don’t you just love it?

Here are my tips for sprucing up your living space on a budget.

It’s all about the renovation

A bit of companion maids never hurt anyone (if you do it safely!). It’s a great way to cost effectively take what you have and adapt it into something that looks brand new. For example, my sister recently got crafty and tried her hand at renovating her dining room chairs. All she needed was a few meters of material from the market, which she cut to size and borrowed a staple gun to re-cover. As good as new!


As with reinventing an old outfit, use roofers that you can trust, accessories can work wonders, and what better way to accessorise than with a bit of vintage. A hunt around the charity shops and boot sales could lead you to some bargains. Whether it’s a picture frame or a lamp shade, you never know what you could find. Freecycle is also a great resource for preloved interiors.


repaintA lick of paint here and there can turn that grubby chest of drawers into an art-deco inspired masterpiece (or failing that, some pretty slick looking furniture).  For example, we renovated a nasty looking 80’s cream and gold embellished wardrobe for my room at home with some white paint – now it looks modern and fresh. If you are looking for house painting services, Fort Myers painting contractor handle any type of costumer`s painting requirements. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen eat your heart out!

Do the old-switcharoo

Playing musical chairs and having a shift around of the furniture in your room can make the world of difference. It can open up the space and can make better feng-shui too. A bit of a de-clutter and tidy can alter the look and feel of a room. Or you could even use your clutter as a centre piece. For example, a pin board can make a cool place to hang your necklaces and earrings.

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