Christmas with a bakers dozen plus one

Jess Neale

Jess NealeThis week has been a busy one, but I have finally finished  all my Christmas shopping, although this did involve a festive fight against a sea of bobbly-jumpered individuals all racing for the checkout in Westfields, I just about survived.

All in preparation for the big day, and this Christmas it really is set to be a festive extravaganza.  There will be 14 of us bundled round the dining room table, garden table and fold-out table to tuck into a yuletide feast. Pingle, Lady Baby and The Bobs are super excited and I can’t wait to see their faces when they open their presents.

Christmas craft

homemade christmas cardI’m a creative at heart and love a bit of craft at Christmas, so this year I decided I would make a few of my own Christmas cards. With a few sheets of inexpensive brown card, red ribbon and some glue I created my own design and my friends and family really seemed to appreciate the personal touch, plus I saved some money! For some inspiration check out our free winter e-book, jam-packed full of ideas for craft on a budget.

Family games

Family games at Christmas are always great fun in our house and Rebecca’s blog yesterday inspired me to think about some of the free family games we play. These range from the old favourite Charades (everyone is anticipating Uncle James attempting to mime The Inbetweeners) to another of my favourite games that involves sticking a post-it on your head!

Sitting round in a circle you each have a post-it note and have to secretly write a celebrity, or cartoon character – or a family member’s name on it. Then stick to your neighbour’s forehead, so everyone but them can see who they are. Next, ask one question each round to try and guess who you are and if you guess first, you win!

Christmas dinner

I’m not going to lie, I’ll not be taking full responsibility for the whole Christmas dinner (that would be a bit daunting), but with a mammoth 14 mouths to feed I’ll definitely be doing my best to help out. And with a turkey that looks more like someone’s done something horrific to Big Bird from Seasame Street, it’ll be advisable to listen to MyFamilyClub and visit the British Turkey information website for recipes and cooking times.  If you’re looking at enjoying Christmas dinner on a budget like us, check out our guide.

But my favourite thing I’m looking forward to this Christmas is spending it with my family…and of course the leftovers!