Cutlery sets for kids ROCK in our household!


I don’t understand why it’s so hard for Big Mamma (BM) to keep the children’s cutlery sets together in one place?

We seem to have a drawer full of lonely forks and knives that just don’t match and are the cause of many arguments. When Boy is given a fork with ladybirds on all hell breaks loose!

The two remaining sets in our kitchen are my favourite. Boy has a tool set with interchangeable heads and Girl has an aptly themed Devil & Angel set.

When you consider that we have moved house three times in the last six years, losing some is to be expected I suppose.

BM is addicted to cutlery sets for the kids, I think they appeal to her inner child. I am sure they’ll be some more sets materialising soon. I know she has her eye on the Air Fork One and the Lego set.

Orange Chewdriver costs around £9.73 and Eddingtons Naughty Devil & Little Angel costs £4.95.

Owl is MyFamilyClub’s guest blogger. He lives with his adopted family of two adults and two very naughty children. His blog is all about things he loves – these are mainly centred around kitchen gadgets and gizmos that save you time.