Do I go green or save on nappies?

Naomi Caine

Naomi CaineI spend a fortune on disposable nappies. I have worked out that my nappy bill is about £10 a week, or £520 a year – and that’s a lot of money.

Perhaps I could make some savings on nappies if I choose a different brand?

I buy ‘green’ nappies for my little one from the Nature Babycare range. They are not completely biodegradable, but they are eco-friendly and reassuringly Swedish. Plus, the packaging is stylish and looks good in the downstairs loo.

But all this eco-friendliness doesn’t come cheap. A pack of 28 Nature Babycare nappies in size 5 costs £6.49 in Mothercare, which works out at 23p a nappy. They are more expensive in Boots, at £6.88, or 24.5p each.

Nappy deals

Now, if I were to buy a jumbo pack of 68 Junior Pampers Simply Dry for £10, I would pay only 15p per nappy. Or, I could try Huggies Super Dry and get 63 nappies for £11.98, which is 19p each. And if I was willing to brave the audible gasps of horror from the local mummy mafia, I could plump for Tesco Baby Essentials and pay only 14p a nappy, saving about £4 a week.

Cost of nappiesI have also noticed that my eco-nappies are rarely on offer. Yet if I switched to another brand, I would be a fool to ever pay full price. For example, Tesco is currently doing a deal on Huggies Super Dry so cost-conscious mums can buy two packs for £19, instead of £23.96. The offer brings the price per nappy down to 15p.

In Boots, I could pick up two mega boxes of Pampers for £30, down from the normal retail price of £37.98. The deal means I would pay 17p per nappy. I also regularly receive money-off vouchers for nappies, but never for Nature Babycare nappies.

Nappy availability

Then there’s the problem of availability. My local Tesco sells landfill loads of nappies, except eco-friendly nappies. I can order them at Tesco online, but not in a size 5. The nearest Boots sells Nature Babycare products, though the range is also limited. Mothercare is miles away and I have not once found the bigger sizes on the shelves. Waitrose is often my saviour, in nappies as in all things. My local branch has a good stock of Nature Babycare nappies, usually around the £6.50 mark.

Still, it’s easier to find Nature Babycare nappies than it is to find some of the other green brands. I used to buy Moltex Oko until I could bear the trek to the nearest stockist no more. They are available online, but the cost is high at £9.50 for 34 nappies, which works out at nearly 28p a nappy – and that’s before any delivery charge.

What’s a mum to do? I want to save the planet, I really do. But I also want to save money. I suppose I could buy ‘real’ nappies, but surely the endless washing would bump up my carbon emissions?

Maybe it’s time for the potty.

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Naomi Caine was editor of The Sunday Times Money section for six years before she moved out of London to bring up a young family. She now juggles two children with a freelance career, and has written for a variety of publications, including MSN, Yahoo, The Times, The Sunday Times, Which? Money, Money Week and The Sunday Herald.