Entertaining at home

Annie Joubert

Annie JoubertJanuary is traditionally the stay-at-home month, giving us all the time and space to recover from the excesses of food and drink over Christmas.

We’ve decided to do more home entertaining this year and we’re not talking just about friends over for dinner during the winter, or barbecues during the summer. We’re actually looking to save money by entertaining ourselves at home.

My husband has subscribed to a company that sends us two films a week and as many ‘Watch now’ downloadable movies as we like. We select our postal rentals out of a huge list of recently released-to-DVD movies (as well as some not so new releases that we missed at the cinema).

This is working well for us – we live 15 miles from the nearest cinema, so besides the cost of tickets, we also have the cost of driving our car there and back. Plus we usually decide to have a meal out following the cinema so all in all it comes to a pretty hefty amount of money.

So now we tend to select a couple of evenings, one of which is usually a Friday, to watch our chosen films. We also decide what we are going to have for dinner and try to make an occasion out of it so the recipes in the Kitchen section in MyFamilyClub are consulted and the evening meal prepared in advance of our viewing time.

This is usually between 5 and 7pm (which is easy to do with the winter nights drawing in as Home cinemaearly as 4.30pm). After that we complete the cooking of our dinner, open a bottle of wine and, in the comfort of our candlelit dining room with the table specially laid as if we had visitors, talk about the film we’ve just watched.

Last Monday at around 7pm, we opted to watch our second movie, and as I’d been out all day and needed to produce something quick but nourishing, I decided to use up the roast chicken from our Sunday lunch and we had chicken fajitas for a change – great laptop food (you eat it on your lap)!

We have friends from Kent coming to stay on Friday for a long weekend – they are busy people with their own business and seldom get out to the cinema.  A home movie night is definitely on the cards!