Five Simple Ways To Save Seconds


Time to check that homework. Sixty seconds make a minute. Sixty minutes make an hour. Correct! OK, thank you for the basic maths lesson, Michael, now how does that help me?

Every parent struggles to find hours in their day. It’s a big call.  However, most can find a few minutes and everyone can find a few seconds.

Add them together and you’ll soon find that those valuable minutes add up and you’ve found some prized time. Time to spend on the most important person in the world – you!

Here are five simple second-savers that soon add up to give you back some valuable minutes every day.

1. Live Pause

If you have Sky+ pause a programme when it starts, do ten minutes of something you’ve been putting off and then press play. The paused time will enable you to fast forward during the ad breaks.

Watching a commercial station, you’ll save ten minutes an hour and you’ll get to catch up on your favourite soap.

2. Get A Timer And Set Some Targets

You can use a kitchen buzzer, a mobile phone app or even an egg timer.  Make it fun to time your activities then see if you can shave 20% off.

Why should it take 5 minutes to clean shoes when it could take 4? I know it normally takes 15 minutes to empty the dishwasher but could you do it in 12?

3. Set Up For Breakfast The Night Before

By setting up the start of the next day at the end of the last you’ll find a load of valuable minutes during the crazy pre-school rush.

4. Clear As You Go

Cleaning up after dinner takes ages and no one feels like helping.  Doing it as you go never feels like much but every surface wiped, pan cleaned and spoon put away adds up to a saving!

5. Teach Your Kids To Make Their Own Beds

Make this a must. Encourage them to do it every day.  Once you make this a habit it won’t just save you minutes – by the time they leave home you’ll have saved months!

Michael Heppell is a “success coach”, and an expert in organisation and time management. With a style described as “shot-gunning a bucket of espresso”, Michael works with individuals, multi-national corporations and everything in between. His books – the most recent of which is How To Save An Hour Every Day – have been translated into 18 languages.