Fresher for Longer: Save up to £270 a year on food

fresher longer fridge

Throwing away food as a result of it not being used in time costs us Brits £6.7 billion a year – that’s £270 worth of food being chucked away by the average household.

Most fresh fruit and veg will last up to two weeks longer if kept in the fridge in its original pack

With the majority of us (61%) believing that keeping fresh fruit and vegetables in their original packaging makes them ‘sweat’ and go off quicker (whereas in fact the opposite is true) it’s easy to see why.

To help us waste less and save more, Love Food Hate Waste has launched the ‘Fresher for Longer’ campaign – the perfect way to help us not waste so much of our food.

fresher longer campaignWith images of pears asking to hold onto their pack ‘Till lunch do us part’ and a cheese pledging  ‘You make my shelf life complete’ the theme shows how packaging can not only protect our food from damage on its way to the shops, but keep it fresher for longer in our homes.

Did you know?

  • In the UK we buy almost 40 million tonnes of food & drink every year, and this is protected by less than 4 million tonnes of packaging
  • Most fresh fruit and veg will last up to two weeks longer if kept in the fridge in its original pack
  • Shrink-wrapped cucumbers will last around three times longer than non-shrink-wrapped ones.

‘Fresher for longer’ is being officially launched today in conjunction with Marks & Spencer as part of its Plan A commitment to help customers live more sustainably.

Over the years M&S has introduced a number of packaging innovations to help us waste less, such as vacuum ‘skin’ packs on fish and meats and the ‘It’s Fresh’ tab in strawberry punnets, to maintain the quality and freshness of its food for days longer.

Today M&S have also launched a new interactive ‘Fresher for Longer’ tool, on its Plan A website for customers to find the best way to store their food.

fresher longer pearsTo save money on our food bills one of the best solutions (along with buying only what we need and making the most of leftovers) is to buy food we want to store for longer than a day or two with the appropriate packaging.

For example, even fruit and vegetables bought loose can last longer if stored properly in a bag that is lightly tied in the fridge.

Packaging innovation means many manufactures and supermarkets now use breathable fruit and veg bags, have more re-sealable packs and many more clever features, all designed to make food last longer and save us as consumers money.

So, when I get my food home, I keep it in its original packaging and check out the instructions on pack or on to keep my food fresher for longer.