Friday 13th

Lorraine Heller

Lorraine HellerI’m feeling rather lucky today. I am sure there are people around the country crossing their fingers, not stepping on cracks in the pavestones and all such stuff, but for me, this Friday 13th is actually a pretty good day. To start with, it’s a Friday. Who doesn’t like Fridays? Come to think of it, shouldn’t the stigmatised day be Monday 13th?

But I digress. So, why am I feeling lucky? Well to start with, I made all my transport connections this morning without waiting for even a minute. Then I got a seat for my entire journey (even at 7am this is quite an achievement). There was a fantastic sky in London this morning (did anyone else see the colours?), and when I arrived at work, the fridge had been replenished with milk (this sometimes doesn’t happen until an hour after I get in, and that’s a tough hour without my cup of coffee. And no, I can’t do black coffee).

These are all small pleasures, I know, but they do make my morning.

But over and above all this, today is the day when my new phone is activated. Yes, I have now entered the wide wide world of smartphones.

It’s not the shiny new gadget that gives me the warm glow of satisfaction… (In fact, I’m still a little intimidated by it. All I have explored so far have been the alarm clock, the ring tones and the map. All of which are very impressive.) What really makes me smile is that I haven’t paid a single penny for it. In fact, it will save me money every month.

For several years now, I’ve been on the same tired old sim-only contact, which seemed the best solution for me at the time as it allowed me to make the most inexpensive international calls that I could find on the market. But the market moved on, and my phone contract did not. Which meant that I was paying an appalling £45 in some months, just for the line rental and my calls.

Now, I can’t stop calling internationally. Much as I know it’ll cut my costs right down, it’s an expense that I have fully accepted will remain in my budget as I have family and friends living abroad and this is a necessary expense to maintain those relationships.

That said, £45 with no handset to pay for was a little excessive… So I started the New Year determined to do something about it, and after much searching I found the best deal for my needs. With £37 a month I now get all the calls I could possibly want to make both here and internationally, plus internet and a slick phone thrown in.

If you think you’re paying too much to your mobile phone company for what you’re getting, you probably are. Don’t ignore it like I did for so many years; do the research and sort it out! You could save yourself much more than I did.

I am now off to check my location on my very slick Google Maps App. Who knows, I may have moved.