Grandparents – the money challenges we face

Annie Joubert

Annie JoubertWhen I was in my mid-thirties, I had this rosy vision of growing older gracefully with my beloved; the kids settled with kind and adoring partners and presenting us with healthy, beautiful, Einstein-brilliant, and sweet-natured grandchildren.  Oh, and that we’d be comfortable financially, reaping the benefits of the pension contributions that we faithfully made each month into our respective employers’ schemes and enjoying exotic holidays using our rainy day savings.

Talking with my friends, it appears that I was not the only one with this idealistic dream in that mid-life cycle. Indeed, a lot of what we wished for we have been blessed with – thankfully our grandchildren are healthy, strapping teenagers now. In our eyes, they have all the talents, looks and personalities that we dreamed of, and we can even identify the genes that passed on those attributes!

However, the financial reality is different. You see, when I had that vision all those years ago, the UK was experiencing the ‘green shoots’ of recession recovery and perhaps this inspired my hopes of financial security.

The years have flashed past and we’re now in the midst of another recession which seems to be cutting deeper than the one we experienced all those years ago. The pensions that we contributed to are not as far-stretching as we expected, and the rainy day savings didn’t accumulate in significant volumes either!

We’re lucky I’m able to continue working, doing a job that I absolutely adore and therefore not feeling the financial pinch as keenly as some of our fully-retired smiling grandparentsfriends. But we still have to make our money work harder for us and through association with MyFamilyClub  we have adopted new, terrific money-saving techniques that help to stabilise our household economy.

My husband has become an accomplished silver surfer – comparing utilities, car insurance, and house insurance via the internet to get the best deals.  I get my personal retail therapy through window shopping online too, which saves me time and money in the High Street, not tramping from place to place, and making irrational purchases!