Half of Brits would serve out of date food to their guests

Would you serve out of date food?

Would you serve out of date food?Next time your friends invite you over for dinner, you might want to think twice – as research reveals that half of Brits will happily serve out of date food to their guests.

A ‘National Fridge Audit’ carried out by Beko Appliances also found that one in three of us have out of date food in our fridge – and that three quarters of us are happy to eat out of date food providing it passes the ‘sniff test’

I have a confession to make: my own fridge standards aren’t exactly spartan. I’ve seen my fair share of alarming mould growths. In fact just the other day I found a forgotten lump of cheese at the back of my fridge that was well on the way to evolving into a sentient lifeform.

Disgusting? Yes. Avoidable? Yes. Do I change my ways? No.

In my defence, it’s not all my fault.  My flatmate and I have a golden rule – never throw out anything that isn’t yours.  Which is a ridiculous rule, really (“Hmm, this loaf of bread is currently green going on purple, but he MIGHT still want it. Better keep it”).

Of course, it’s sheer slobbishness. Still, I argue that a bit of mould now and then isn’t the end of the world. After all, mould has created some amazing things. Without mould we wouldn’t have Stilton. Or penicillin. (Although when your fridge starts harbouring so much penicillin you can only enter your kitchen on prescription, you may have to admit you’ve got a problem).

But I am trying to change. I’ve now put in place a cleaning rota, and so hopefully my fridge should soon sparkle.

According to the research, the top 10 out of date items lurking in our fridges are:

  1. Cheese
  2. Jar of curry sauce
  3. Yogurt
  4. Eggs
  5. Milk
  6. Open can of beans
  7. Fruit
  8. Bread
  9. Meat
  10. Fish

The study also found that one in 10 people argue with their partner on whether things should be refrigerated.

Over half believe eggs have to be kept in the fridge, while over 40% think that jam, marmalade, honey and ketchup should be kept refrigerated. (In fact all these items can be stored at room temperature).

The top 10 unnecessarily refrigerated foods are:

  1. Eggs
  2. Jam/marmalade
  3. Honey
  4. Onions
  5. Garlic
  6. Bread
  7. Potatoes
  8. Bananas
  9. Dried Fruit
  10. Tinned vegetables

These facts make me feel (slightly) less guilty. I’m not alone! And no matter how bad my own habits get, I can confidently say I’ve never served out of date food to guests.

But next time you go round someone’s for dinner, you might want to check on the state of their fridge before eating…

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