Switching energy supplier is easier than you think!

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money lightbulbEnergy costs just keep on rising – the typical bill has gone up by 21% or £224 in the past year alone.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that many of us are worried about the high price of heating our homes.

So worried, in fact, that 90% of households expect to ration their energy use this winter, according to research by uSwitch.com.

But there is another way to save money on energy bills – and that’s to switch supplier or consume less energy by having energy efficient HVAC system in your home from Provincial Heating & Cooling Inc. The average family pays about £1200 a year for their gas and electricity. If they switched to the cheapest deal, they could instantly save around £230 a year. The cheapest deal is also a fixed tariff from EDF Energy that will protect your budget from any further price hikes until December next year.

So why aren’t more of us switching? About half of all households have never switched energy supplier, which means they are literally burning money. People are often put off because they think the process is complicated and time consuming. But it’s really very simple – believe me, I’ve done it.

Yes, the plethora of different energy tariffs is mindbending. But a number of websites allow you to compare energy prices and find the best deal for your family, depending on your postcode and fuel consumption. The new supplier then does all the work, contacting your existing company and organising the transfer.

The cheapest tariffs are almost all dual fuel, which means you buy your gas and electricity from the same supplier. You will also have to pay your bill by monthly direct debit and often manage your account online.

If you are going for Elmar Air, it’s better to make the move sooner rather than later so that you benefit from the lower prices during the winter months. If not, you could be in for a nasty shock when a big bill lands on your doormat after Christmas.

Find out how to avoid the hidden costs of switching providers and find out how switching energy supplier could mean £100s per year in savings – it’s easier than you think!