The easy guide to switching providers

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energy saving lightbulbYou know you don’t owe any sort of allegiance to your utility provider, but you just can’t face the sales calls from competitors offering you a better deal. Then there’s the hassle of your old provider trying to win back your business!


Take control instead and make your own choice with our step-by-step instructions…

How to change your broadband:

  1. Contact your current internet service provider and ask for a MAC code (Migration Access Code) which contains all the information you’ll need to swap provider. This can take from 24 hours to five days to come through.
  2. Once you have the MAC code, visit a broadband service checking site to check which internet service providers are available to you.
  3. Think about what you want from your package, such as speed (connection speeds of over 2Mbps are fine to carry out most online activities). Don’t sign up to the first provider you find. Contrast and compare to find the best deal.
  4. It can take anything up to two weeks for the new provider to set your internet up, so don’t cancel your current subscription until you’ve got the go-ahead.

How to change your gas and electricity provider:

  1. Energy regulator Ofgem suggests working out how much you spend weekly or monthly before you switch providers. Look through copies of bills (real readings, not estimates) and/or the annual statement.
  2. Go online to a comparison website or ring individual providers to find out what their best deals are. Quote them what you’re currently paying.
  3. There should be no interruption to your electricity or gas supply when you change provider.
  4. The new supplier should ask for a meter reading so they will be able to bill you the right amount, as well as pass the information on to your old provider so they can bill you for anything owed.
  5. The whole process can take up to eight weeks to complete but there shouldn’t be any disruption to the service.
  6. Be aware that your new provider can raise prices.

How to change your phone provider:

  1. Have a look online or speak to individual companies to find out what deals and tariffs are available to you.
  2. Once you’ve decided on your new provider, contact them and they should take care of the switch for you. There shouldn’t be any disruption to your service.
  3. Tell your new phone company your phone number and your postcode and they will contact your current phone company. Both should then send confirmations of the transfer and the date it will happen.
  4. You should be able to keep the same number and shouldn’t need a new line installed, unless it’s a cable phone line provider, for instance.
  5. Be wary of changing your mind midway through a switch and asking to go back to your original provider – this is when things can go wrong. Stick to your guns and review the situation in six to 12 months time.

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