WaterSure and other help to pay your water bill

WaterSure Grant

Need help paying your water bill? You may qualify for a WaterSure grant. There are also other ways water companies can cut your costs.

If you’re struggling to pay your water bill, don’t let your budget get rinsed. There is help at hand if you know where to look. Find out what water grants are available in your area, and how to go about claiming them.

The WaterSure Grant
Other ways your water company can help
Find out what help YOUR water company offers

The WaterSure grant

The WaterSure grant is available for certain customers with a water meter. If you’re awarded it, it caps your bills so they rise no higher than the average bill for your area – no matter how much water you use.

To qualify for a WaterSure grant, you (or someone living with you) must be eligible for one of the following benefits:

  • Council tax benefit
  • Child Tax Credit (except families who are in receipt of the family element only)
  • Housing benefit
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Pension Credit

As well as the above, you also need to:

  • Have responsibility for three or more children under the age of 19 and in full-time education living in the property


  • Have a household member with a medical condition that requires significant additional use of water (such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or weeping skin diseases such as psoriasis).

If you think you may be eligible for WaterSure, apply through your water company. (We’ve listed which water companies offer it, along with their contact details, here

Talk to your water company

If you are have genuine money worries over your water bill and are concerned about falling into debt, your water company may be able to help you with your bills through a charitable trust.

Many charitable water trusts cover the same geographical area as a particular water company – though they are usually run independently from the companies themselves. Contact your water supplier to see if they have one they can put you in touch with.

The contact information for your water company will be on your water bill. If you’re not sure which water company supplies you, you can find out here.

‘Matched payment’ schemes

You should also ask your water company if they run any grant or benefit schemes themselves. (Some offer ‘matched payment’ schemes – where for every £1 you pay, the water company also pays £1 towards your bill.)

Even if they don’t have such a scheme, they may be able to help you by offering a flexible payment plan, allowing you to choose how frequently you are billed in order to help you manage your finances.

What help does your water company offer?

Anglian Water

  • Anglian Water – online help with paying bills
  • Anglian Water debt helpline: 0800 169 3630
  • Do they offer a ‘matched payment’ scheme? Yes – they have a Restart scheme for those struggling to pay off their water debts, but this is arranged on a case-by-case basis. Ring the helpline above for more information.
  • Do they offer WaterSure grants? Yes – Anglian Water WaterSure

Other help available:

Bristol Water

Cambridge Water

Other help available:

  • SoLow tariff: you may be eligible to apply for this low water usage tariff from Anglian Water

Dee Valley Water

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

  • Cymru Welsh Water – online help with paying bills
  • Dwr Cymru Welsh Water helpline: 0800 052 0145
  • Do they offer a ‘matched payment’ scheme? Yes – but you have to be referred by a Citizen’s Advice Bureau (or similar debt advice agency) to receive it
  • Do they offer WaterSure grants? No, but see Welsh Water Assist below

Other help available:

  • Customer Assistance Fund: matched payment scheme for those in severe financial hardship
  • Welsh Water Assist: aimed at low income households with large families, or those with a medical condition which means more water is used.
  • Water Direct: pay your water charges through your benefits and get a £25 discount of your bill

Essex and Suffolk Water

Northumbrian Water

Portsmouth Water

Sembcorp Bournemouth Water

Severn Trent Water

Other help available:

  • Severn Trent Trust Fund – distributes grants for people who are struggling to meet the cost of their water charges

South East Water

Other help available:

  • Helping Hand Scheme – charitable trust that awards grants to those struggling to pay their water bills

South Staffordshire Water

Other help available:

  • South Staffs Water Charitable Trust – awards grants to those struggling to pay their water bills. Contact them through South Staffordshire Water

South West Water

Other help available:

  • WaterCare+ Scheme – a representative will help you ensure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to and ensure you’re on the best tariff. They can also carry out a home water audit and install low tech water-saving devices free of charge, and advise you about any grants you may be able to apply for.

Southern Water

Other help available:

Sutton and East Surrey Water

Thames Water

Other help available:

United Utilities

Other help available:

Veolia Water Central

Other help available:

Veolia Water East

Other help available:

  • Veolia Water Trust – awards grants to those struggling to pay their water bills
  • SoLow tariff – special tariff for customers with low water usage

Veolia Water Southeast

Other help available:

Wessex Water

Other help available:

  • Assist tariff – this is for customers who face extreme financial hardship. If you get on this tariff you get much lower bills based on your financial circumstances and ability to pay. To qualify you must be in receipt of at least one means-tested benefit. You also can’t apply for this tariff yourself – a Citizen’s Advice Bureau (or similar debt advice agency) must apply on your behalf. You may also be able to combine being on the Assist tariff with a ‘matched payment’ scheme, entitling you to even lower bills.

Yorkshire Water

Other help available:

General tips on cutting your water bill

There are all sorts of simple things you can do to cut your water costs – from switching to a water meter to getting water saving freebies. Get more information on how to cut your water bill.