I’ve got a lovely bunch of… pineapples?!

Jess Neale

Jess NealeAre you by any chance sat on your tablet computer, eating a pineapple, with a Twilight novel at your side? Maybe not… But according to the Office of National Statistics, these items are amongst the new entries in the UK’s shopping basket 2012.

Apparently pineapples are oh so in, and stepladders are oh so out. The index of 700 items is being used to calculate inflation rates and apparently offers a snapshot into British life. How things have changed since the first index was compiled in 1947, when wild rabbit, candles and the mangle made the index!

According the list, printing colour film is definitely out. I remember (and quite miss) that nervous anticipation and excitement as I waited two weeks for my camera film to get developed, ending in a grand revelation of an eclectic mix of over- and under-exposed wonky shots and funny faces.

As much as I love the immediacy of the digital camera, all too often we forget to keep a hard copy of our memories. I still haven’t printed out all my travelling photos! I’ll definitely be making use of the Kodak Gallery online sale which is offering discounts on prints and photo books until 5 April.

So while our shopping baskets are a-changing, how can we keep down the costs?

Vouchers and discounts

A trusty way to keep the cost of all those pineapples down is with money ofpineapplef vouchers and discounts at your favourite supermarket. Tesco are currently offering £5 off next week’s shop when you spend £40 on groceries.

Reward schemes

As for the teen fiction, take a look at Blackwells, which claims to have the most generous reward scheme of its kind in the UK, whereby each customer who registers for their reward card gets 10 free points. You then earn a point for every £1 you spend, meaning you get a £5 reward for every 100 points you collect. My excuse to buy the whole Twilight Saga?!


Swapping is a fantastic way of getting rid of items you no longer use, while meeting your kids’ requests for more goodies! You might not find the latest ‘in’ tablet computer but it’s definitely worth a look.

Online sites offer swaps on everything from phones and video games to laptops. Specially designed swapping sites for young people can help your kids take ownership of the situation and encourage them to consider the material value of goods.