Merry Click-mas! 1.7m Brits plan to do ALL their Christmas shopping online

Christmas online shopping

Christmas online shoppingDoing your Christmas shopping online has become more popular with each passing year.  Will you be one of the 1.7m people who plan to ditch the high street completely for their Christmas shopping in 2012?

By and large, the British public are normally quite polite. That all changes come Christmas shopping season. High streets up and down the country become filled with rampaging hordes of grim-faced men and women, all barging, biting and queue-jumping their way to getting that last pair of bargain pants from M&S.

In fact, one study revealed that Christmas shopping raised men’s stress levels to those experienced by fighter pilots and riot police, while one in two men think Christmas shopping is more stressful than being dumped. No doubt women find it equally stressful.

So it’s no surprise that more and more of us are increasingly opting to skip the crowded hell of the high street and shop online. Not only are prices often cheaper, but you can take your time shopping in your PJs with a cup of tea to hand. You can’t do that on the high street (not without attracting some strange looks, anyway).

According to a study by website BeforeWeBuy, 1.7m people will buy everything online this Christmas – food, drink, clothes, gadgets, gifts, you name it.

Books are apparently top of the must-buy list for a third of shoppers, followed by clothing, toys, food and drink.

The top 10 most popular online retailers last Christmas were:

  1. Amazon
  2. Argos
  3. Tesco
  5. M&S
  6. Littlewoods
  7. Currys
  8. Asda
  9. John Lewis
  10. Next

If you are one of the many people planning on shopping online this Christmas, make sure you check out our do’s and don’ts of online Christmas shopping.

Are you planning to shop online this Christmas, or are you happy to elbow your way up the high street? Let us know by commenting below or drop us a line at [email protected]