How your smartphone can save you £££

Best money saving apps

There are a wealth of apps out there – but did you know there are apps out there that can save you serious time and money? Here’s our pick of 10 money-saving apps that can really help cut your everyday spending.


1. Skip call centre queues: WeQ4U

Mum on hold to call centrePrice: Free

Available for: iPhone and Android

Ever been on the end of a costly customer service call as your bank balance drains in the process? This gem of an app lets you:

  • Call ALL 0800, 0808, 0500, 0870 numbers for free
  • Call MOST 0845, 0844, 0843, 0871, and 0872 numbers for free

Not only that, but if you find yourself put on hold in a call centre queue, the app allows you to hang up – without losing your place in the queue.

Then, when the company eventually answers, the app automatically calls your phone – and you get put straight through to a human being without having to hang around on the phone. Neat!

Get the WeQ4U app.

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2. Call family and friends for free: Skype

Price: Free

Available for: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

Calling friends abroad or even at home can be costly – but this clever app lets you call over the internet for free! Skype also allows you to make video calls, on the move. (Bear in mind that using Skype will use your mobile data allowance – but if your phone is hooked up to Wi-Fi, you won’t even use that).

Get the Skype app.

3. Get the cheapest deal when out shopping: RedLaser

Price: Free

Available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

RedLaser is a free scanning application that lets you scan barcodes using your phone’s camera. It will then automatically check prices in stores and compare to see if you’re getting the best deal. You can even locate stores nearby, and save scans for later.

Get the RedLaser app.

4. Find the cheapest petrol prices: PetrolPrices Pro

Petrol pricesPrice: £2.99 annual subscription

Available for: iPhone and Android

This clever app is great at finding the cheapest petrol stations near you, locating them on a useful map using your phone’s GPS. It’s annoying that they have started charging an annual subscription for this app (it costs £2.99 a year) but you will recoup that price in no time with the savings you make on petrol.

However, it’s worth pointing out that you can go on the website and get this information for free – though it is a bit more fiddly than using the app.

Get the PetrolPrices Pro app for iPhone.

Get the PetrolPrices Pro app for Android.

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5. Take advantage of free internet: The Cloud

Price: Free

Available for: iPhone and  Android

Using the internet on your phone can be expensive if you go over your monthly data limit or you’re on Pay As You Go.

Luckily, The Cloud is a nifty app which shows you how to make the most of free Wi-Fi spots when you’re out and about.

Simply download app and you can automatically log in to thousands of WiFi spots wherever you go.

Get The Cloud app.

6. Keep track of your bills: Bill Assistant

household billsPrice: 69p

Available for:  iPhone and Apple devices

If you struggle to keep track of bills and often find yourself getting charged late fees or going unexpectedly into your overdraft, then Bill Assistant is for you.

It lets you input all your bills and payment dates and automatically set reminders for them to be paid – saving you the time, hassle and expense of paying those late fees.

What’s more, it will even give you an overview of your payment history – helping you budget more effectively.

Get the Bill Assistant app.

7. Put your finances in order: Free Home Budget Calculator

Price: Free

Available for: iPhone and Apple devices

This app is a great tool to keep track of your household expenses in a clear, easy to use and no-frills way. You can add in all your monthly outgoings – everything from mortgage and rent to tax to groceries to clothing.

The on screen results show your total spend and allows you to compare it to your total income.

You can record your day-to-day spending using the log, enabling you to budget day-to-day as well – so you’ll no longer get a nasty shock at the end of the month.

It’s built with a secure passcode to keep your information private.

Get the Home Budget Calculator app.

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8. Get a cheap train fare on the move: TheTrainLine

Price: Free

Available for: iPhone and Android

This handy app saves you money by allowing you to plan your journey to avoid peak times and be directed to deals on train journeys with the best fare. It gives you the ability to get up to the minute information on train times and avoid expensive routes when booking on the move.

Get TheTrainLine app.

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9. Nab a free parking space: AA Parking

Price: £1.99

Available for: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

This neat little app finds you the cheapest and easiest car parks in the UK and Ireland.

You can save those precious pennies by finding a free or cheapest cheap car park near you (you can search by address or your current location).

Special features include information on space available in the car park, park and ride locations, opening hours and accurate prices – making it a must for any motorist.

Get the AA Parking app.

10. Cut your grocery bills: Love Food, Hate Waste

supermarket shoppingPrice: Free

Available for: iPhone and Android

With food waste costing more than £50 a month, this app can significantly help reduce it with some pretty clever interactive features. It includes a portion-sizer to help stop cooking more than you need, a weekly menu plan and shopping list function, plus a whole host of delicious recipe ideas. So if you do have leftovers you can put them to good use.

Get the Love Food, Hate Waste app.

11. Monitor your energy use: Meter Readings

Price: £1.49 for iPhone, 99p for Windows Phone

Available for: iPhone, Windows Phone

Stay on top of your energy costs with the Meter Readings app. Simply enter your meter readings and the app will show you your energy use, costs and savings over time (in an easy to read graph format).

It can actually get quite addictive seeing how the little changes you make (such as switching lights off when leaving a room) affects your energy usage and costs.

But that’s not all – you can also compare your energy costs against energy supplier prices in your area, so you can find out whether you could save money by switching.

Get the Meter Readings app.

12. Find a reliable tradesman: Rated People

Price: Free

Available for: iPhone and Android

Knowing a good local builder, plumber or Electrician is knowledge worth its weight in gold. They’ll save you time, worry and money – and give you peace of mind that you’re not being ripped off by a cowboy trader.

But when disaster strikes – a burst pipe or broken boiler, say – you often don’t have time to search for the perfect tradesman you know you can trust.

This is precisely the situation in which the Rated People app comes into its own. The app helps you find highly rated tradespeople in your local area (you can read reviews of previous customers) and post jobs for tradesmen to respond to.

Get the Rated People app.

Do you have a favourite money-saving app we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!