5 sure-fire ways to sell your stuff on eBay


From baby clothes to books, furniture to films, you can make a tidy sum selling your stuff on eBay. But if you’re struggling to shift your bits and bobs, make sure you follow these five essential tips.

1. Brand spanking new

No one likes to feel used – and the same goes for items on eBay. New items sell like hot potatoes. Wrapped DVDs and clothing with tags fetch top dollar!



2. Earn big on branded goods

As Ronald Reagan once said “Trust but verify”. It’s easier to sell a Dualit toaster than just a toaster. Capitalise on brand trust.


Photo source: Flickr/Artem Popov


3. Will someone search for this?

Make sure you stuff your description and title with the right keywords. Be specific, and think about what will attract people to buy your bits. Would you search for ‘astronaut toy’ or ‘Buzz Lightyear Lego’?



4. The lesser spotted froggy boggy woo wah

Can’t find it for love nor money? The rarer or more difficult to get hold of, the higher your price you’ll get.



5. Bundle it up

Heap small or similar items together into a bundle. This works well with baby clothes and toys like Lego, Playmobil etc.

eBay number 5


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