Charlotte’s money saving tip for discounts at Cineworld


CharlotteCharlotte uses the MyFamilyClub Savings Pack to save on Cineworld tickets for the family, on nappies and baby products at Boots, and on lunch from M&S.

“I’ve recently bought a MyFamilyClub Savings Pack after reading about it in a newsletter. I’ve  worked out that I’ll save £70 a year at Boots on my essentials and £60 a year at M&S as I like to go there for my lunch when I’m at work. It’s a bit of effort remembering to top up the cards, but worth it.

Coming up to Christmas I’ll use the Toys ‘R’ Us card, which will save needed money on presents as I’ve got a lot of nieces and nephews as well as my own to buy for!

I’m also planning on taking advantage of my Pizza Express card during the school holidays, and I’ve calculated that I’ll be able to save about £3.50 on our next family trip to Cineworld. Taking the kids for a day out can really add up – there are the cinema tickets, plus sweets and popcorn and a meal afterwards can be a small fortune. So the Savings Pack will really help to provide treats and extras that I’d have to say no to before.

I’ve also just found out about the new Dining Club, which I’m excited to try.  Kids eat free is an amazing deal in my area, and I’ll certainly be using it.” Charlotte – 36 – Chichester

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