DIY Christmas decorations that anyone can make


Christmas is meant to be a fun and festive time of year but it all too easily can become a stressful and a worrying expense. But there are ways we can cut the cost of Christmas. Here at MyFamilyClub HQ we’ve put our heads together and come up with our favourite DIY Christmas decorations that are a great alternative to those overpriced baubles. You might even enjoy making them!

1. Christmas branch decoration

christmas branch decorationsMake your own Christmas tree this festive season by glamming up a lonely tree branch. Re-vamp and bring the outdoors in with this inventive way to hang your Christmas decorations.

What you need: One branch (apple tree works well!), spray paint – gold/silver/white, ribbons, baubles, stick-on rhinestones, stones or soil and a vase.


  • Spray paint the branch the colour of your choice
  • Stand in a vase using stones or soil to secure
  • Add rhinestone stickers and glitter for sparkle
  • Hang baubles and tie ribbons


2. Festive hanging ball

christmas-ball-diy decorations Kate MathisWe love this crafty hanging ball or ‘kissing ball’ as it’s known. It’s a lovely way to encourage a few seasonal smooches. Easy to make, you can choose your fabric and ribbons to customise as you wish.

What you need: 4-inch Styrofoam ball, 14-inch square fabric, rubber band, 1 ½ yards of ribbon, 14 inches of ribbon, mistletoe sprig.


  • Wrap the ball in the fabric square, fasten with the rubber band
  • Thread 1 ½ yards of ribbon through the band and around the ball and knot to hand
  • Wrap the other 14 inches of ribbon across and around the other side
  • Add mistletoe and a bow


3. Pinecone penguin

pinecone penguin http://www.marthastewart.comIf you’re looking for unique DIY Christmas decorations that bring nature indoors this winter, try this trick. Transform your collected pinecones into gorgeous little penguins.

What you need: Craft glue, white paint, 2 large pinecones (for wings), 1 long pinecone (for body), 1 acorn cap (for head).


  • Take two large scales from the pinecone for wings
  • Paint stomach of the penguin body (long pinecone) white
  • Attach head using glue
  • Paint face white, add eyes


4. Advent calendar

advent diy christmas decorationsCounting down the days until Santa arrives can be a massively exciting part of the festive season. That’s why this homemade advent calendar that can be used time and time again is so fantastic. Personalise with treats of your choice.

What you need: 25 small matchboxes, wrapping paper or felt, marker pen, craft glue.


  • Decorate 25 small matchboxes – writing numbers on each and wrapping in festive paper, felt or paint
  • Arrange into a pyramid shape, glue into place
  • Fill with sweets, trinkets and notes


5. Glittery Epsom salt snow candles

glittery-epsom-salt-snow-in-mason-jars http://theinspiredroom.netOne of the easiest of all DIY Christmas decorations – it really couldn’t be simplier. No craft skills needed, just the right ingredients and to dim the lights. A lovely mood setting for those dark winter evenings.

What you need: Epsom salts, jam jars, medium sized candles.


  • Add Epsom salts to old empty jam jars around medium sized candles
  • The effect is like glittery snow and will add a sparkle to any home


6. Christmas card wreath

Card Holder Wreath http://www.katydidandkid.comIf you’re looking for an inspiring way to display your Christmas cards then this could be just the thing. Who would have thought that a few pegs and some festive cheer could reveal a practical, yet magical looking decoration for your home.

What you need: 14 inch embroidery hoop, 12-16 wooden clothes pegs, wrapping paper, superglue, ribbon.


  • Cover the front of your wooden clothes pegs with wrapping paper
  • Add a ribbon to the hoop to hang
  • Arrange the pegs around the embroidery hoop  alternatively facing in and outward
  • Glue the pegs in place
  • Add your Christmas cards!


7. Hanging hearts

christmas hanging heartThese cute hanging hearts are great for tree decorations – non-breakable and you can also double-up as room redecorations for the rest of the year or even give them away as personalised gifts.

What you need: Two heart shapes from fabric, cotton wool/ dried lavender for filling, needle and thread, ribbon or lace.


  • Take the heart shaped fabric and stitch together round the outside edges leaving a 2-3cm gap
  • Stuff with cotton wool or dried lavender
  • Stitch the rest of the heart
  • Sew on a ribbon for hanging


8. Christmas carol ball ornament

Christmas-Carol-baublePersonalising your DIY Christmas decorations like this is a fun way to get in the Christmas spirit with a bit of carol singing! You can make as many as you like to hang on the tree, or perhaps make a larger version as a centrepiece.

What you need: Styrofoam 4 inch ball, photocopy of Christmas carol sheet music, pva glue, ribbon.


  • Cut sheet music into small strips
  • Cover Styrofoam ball with pva glue
  • Stick on strips of sheet music
  • Cover in pva glue
  • Wrap with ribbon to hang
  • Leave to set


9. Christmas ribbon wreath

christmas ribbon wreathThis homemade wreath is an easy but beautiful decoration that will last year after year. Hang indoors or in a covered porch and show off your festive spirit. Rather than buying new material you can use up old material scraps, ribbon and tinsel.

What you need: Two old wire coat hangers twisted to a 35cm circle, 140 material strips (16 x 30 cm), a Merry Christmas motif.


  • Cut material into strips using pinking shears – 16x30cm –you  need around 140 in total
  • Attach the motif to the top of the coat hanger circle
  • Tie the material into bows around the circle


10. Edible Christmas biscuit decorations

edible christmas decorationsBaking some edible treats for your tree is a cheap, cheerful and delicious way to decorate for less this Christmas. Get creative with your decorating and don’t forget the sprinkles. Just make plenty as they will get eaten!

What you need: 250g plain flour, 125g sugar, 125g butter, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 3 drops of vanilla essence, cinnamon, icing sugar, sprinkles.


  • Preheat oven to 180C
  • Mix ingredients together
  • Roll out and cut out Christmas shapes  – stars, bells etc.
  • Place on a baking tray and make a large hole using the end of a paintbrush – this will only get smaller
  • Cook for 20-30 minutes
  • Decorate with icing and sprinkles
  • Allow to dry and thread some wool into the hole for hanging


11. Icy table centrepiece

christmas icy  decorationThese icy Christmas candle decorations are one of our favourites – they look impressive but are so easy to make, and are absolutely free.

What you need: Holly, nuts, berries – even tinsel and sparkles (take your pick!), a normal cereal bowl, a ramekin.


  • Place a ramekin into a cereal bowl
  • Scatter your chosen Christmas decorations in the larger bowl
  • Fill them both with water and put them in the freezer overnight
  • Take them out of the freezer a few minutes before your guests arrive
  • Pop in a tea light and you have a unique table decoration that will last out (most of) the evening!