Five top tips to save your family money

savings piggy bank

savings piggy bankEver wondered what more you could be doing to stretch those family finances further, or to squeeze a few extra minutes out of the day? Here are some quirky tips you can weave into your daily routine to save a few pennies (or more!).

1. Fabulous freebies

You don’t need to buy everything – check out what you can get for free! There are now several community freebie sites which help you to find everything from free bicycles and baby clothes to free gardening equipment and furniture. and both allow you to search for items you need within your local area.

2. Stretch reward vouchers

We’ve all heard of Tesco Clubcard points and vouchers that can be spent in-store or online. But did you know that if you trade them in for Clubcard Rewards vouchers, they triple or even quadruple in value? So with £10 worth of Clubcard vouchers you can exchange them for over £30 worth of Clubcard Rewards vouchers to spend on things like restaurant meals and days out.  Check out our guide on how you can make your loyalty points go twice as far.

3. Make food last longer

We all come across that shrivelled carrot in the back of the fridge, or the mouldy jar of pasta sauce that needs to be thrown out. According to an average family will throw away £680 a year or £50 a month just through wasting food.

Try to make sure you’re storing food in the best way to make it last. For example, if you’ve used only half a jar of sauce, screw the lid on tightly and place in the fridge upside down. No air can get to the lid for mould or bacteria to grow and the contents will stay fresher for longer.  And make sure you store bananas away from other fruit to stop them spoiling. For more tips take a look at our quick steps to reducing food waste.

4. Free food vouchers

Have you heard of the NHS’ Healthy Start programme? It helps low-income families get nutritious food for young children. If you qualify you could get free food vouchers to swap for milk, fruit and vegetables, formula milk and Healthy Start Vitamins.

5. Nanny-share!

Sharing a nanny with another family could bring the cost of childcare right down. and are both websites that bring together families looking for nannies. You can search by postcode to find families near you. Then you team up and find a nanny that suits you both!