How I’m giving my children good money habits this Christmas

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The older my children get, the shorter their Christmas lists are. By the age of 10, they have one word lists: money.

By Holly Seddon, mother of three and goHenry user

Young people crave money. They want the freedom of choosing and paying for things, it’s a rite of passage. They have the ‘spending’ honed, but what about good money management? What about saving?

Last year, the days following Christmas were spent exchanging their gift vouchers for money, or taking their cash in exchange for online orders on my debit card. This year, with their goHenry card and account, all that changes.

We – and our relatives – can easily give them money directly on to their card and they get the responsibility to spend it as they see fit. The kicker is that, without even realising it, goHenry helps them budget, spend responsibly and gives them all the tools they need to develop good money habits. Rather than a sweaty palm of cash, they can see their weekly earning, saving and spending in their account, presented in visual educational formats, allowing them to plan how to spend it, easily tuck some away, and create savings goals and wish lists for things they want to save towards.

Unlike cash, we, the parents, can easily set up automatic pocket money payments and make one-off transfers, keep track of their purchases, set limits on how much they can spend (enabling us to talk it through with them if they want to blow the lot, and enabling them some independence without making expensive mistakes) and we can even set them tasks and challenges to build on that seasonal sum or weekly pocket money. It all adds up to making family money management a positive experience.

goHenry provides me with a really easy way to give my children exactly what they want, and empower them to develop the money skills they need. And it’s made my life as a parent a whole lot easier!

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goHenryThis Christmas sign up to goHenry and get £10 free starter pocket money plus a one month free trial*

goHenry is perfect for parents with children from 8 upwards. There’s an online account for you, and a linked account for each of your children. Each child gets their own goHenry cash card with rules and limits you set.

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About Holly

Holly Seddon is a busy Mum of three and an active goHenry user. She’s the editor of a community that helps parents navigate the challenges and opportunities of children growing up in a connected world. She loves goHenry because it has helped her children become better savers and more responsible spenders, whilst making her life that little bit easier.

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