How to gift wrap for free

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Gemma JohnsonWrapping paper is something we all need for those endless birthday parties and seasonal celebrations… but it’s so horribly expensive, or else it’s horribly ugly! Here’s how to gift wrap your presents like a professional, without spending a penny.

Our very own Gemma Johnson, mum of two and CEO of MyFamilyClub, gives us her money saving tip this week. Next week, it could be you! Here’s how to submit your tip…

“I was having a panic as it was my best friend’s birthday coming up the next day and I’d forgotten to get any wrapping paper. All the shops were closed and I wouldn’t have time to get any before I saw her. So I rummaged around the house to see what I could find to wrap up her birthday present.

As it happens, when forced to find alternatives, I realised how to gift wrap beautifully for free!

how to gift wrap with newspaper1. How to gift wrap with the Yellow Pages

I came across this special book that was lying redundant in the back of my cupboard:  The Yellow Pages.  It could just hold the answer. The pages would be perfect – plus no use to me now everything is online! It is a quirky and different gift wrap I have to admit, but I added a bit of straw ribbon salvaged from my daughter’s craft kit and it looked amazing. My friend loved it and actually thought it was a stylish touch added in the store!

2. How to gift wrap with comic books

how to gift wrap with comic book pagesAfter that, it made me think of all the other things I had lying around that could be an alternative to the pricey shop-bought gift wrap that only gets chucked in the bin anyway. From comic book pages, to magazines and newspaper the list goes on – just experiment with whatever paper you have around, depending on the effect you want to achieve. From classy black-and-white newsprint to a bright coloured magazine photograph or someone’s favourite comic book strip  – everything can look great. Here, I’ve used my favourite comic – The Beano. Classic!

3. Recycle and reuse

I made an extra special effort with my mother-in-law’s birthday present wrapping when I struck gold and discovered I had an unused red paper tablecloth and some cellophane wrap like the one you get on flowers. In between the two I placed some flower petals picked from the garden, tied with some ribbon and voila! It looked as though it had been professionally gift-wrapped at some fancy store. It was that thoughtful touch that made all the difference… To my purse strings and to my mother in law. Why not try it yourself?”

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