Restaurant discounts for a year – grab yours now!


Please note: MyFamilyClub Dining Club will be discontinued from 1 September 2013.

How many times have you avoided a family meal out to save on the cost? Do you wish you could treat yourself and your family more often with restaurant meals out? With MyFamilyClub’s new restaurant discounts, eating out with the family just got a whole lot cheaper…

MyFamilyClub has launched its Dining Club so you can eat out with the family for less all year round. Find out how to join.

MyFamilyClub Dining Club

Purchasing the MyFamilyClub Savings Pack will grant you full access to our exclusive Dining Club for a whole year. This means you get great restaurant discounts when eating out all year round with our family-friendly restaurant vouchers. The full list of restaurants and offers can be found here.

kids eat freeHow do you access them? Simply login to the MyFamilyClub site, go to My Account >> Savings Pack and choose the best restaurant in Mequon WI to get access to a restaurant finder. You can then search by postcode for participating restaurants in your area and then simply print out your restaurant voucher, call the restaurant to book your table quoting ‘MyFamilyClub’, and show your voucher when you arrive.

There are over 200 restaurants to choose from around the country, including local family-favourites. Offers include 20% off your bill, free desserts, and some restaurants are even offering ‘kids eat free’ deals, which means you’ll get an affordable family meal to enjoy as often as you like!

How to claim your voucher

If you’ve purchased the MyFamilyClub Savings Pack you’ll be able to enter your postcode you’ll see a selection of venues in your area that offer restaurant discounts as part of the MyFamilyClub Dining Club.

You’ll find plenty of other restaurant vouchers on offer, like 20% off your bill, free desserts and even some ‘kids eat free deals’. Simply pick where you want to eat, print off your voucher, call the restaurant to book your table quoting ‘MyFamilyClub’ and don’t forget to take your voucher with you to claim your discount.

And you could save even more when eating out with these five money-saving tips. Look out for:

1. Get a doggy bag!

Food servings in some restaurants can be huge and sometimes (especially when eating out with kids) there will be some food left over n the plate. Rather than waste what you’ve paid for ask for a doggy bag. Take it home and enjoy another day.


Many restaurants make most of their money on alcohol rather than food – not surprising when you think that the typical bottle of wine comes in at double what you would pay at the supermarket! If there is an option to bring your own choice of tipple to the table, it can be well worth it.

3. Avoid bottled water

Bottled water in some restaurants can reach extortionate prices. Opt for tap water instead; you can get a jug to share round the table with your meal.

chicken eating out4. Lunch for less

Eat out for lunch instead of dinner. Prices are almost always cheaper so by being more flexible you can eat at some fantastic restaurants fairly cheaply.

5. Haggle

When booking a table to eat out with a group it may be worth trying to haggle down the price. This will depend upon your chosen eatery – if there are plenty of competitors nearby and there are a number of you, it could be worth asking if they will do a special group deal.